Tuesday, June 6, 2017

#MacOS High Sierra | An OS X Even the Desktop Can Love #AppleWWDC

The Rockhouse has had some grinding bitches with various updates to MacOS in recent years in which they either did little or were openly annoying.  This time Apple turned it around and even Mac users with a Desktop have a reason to smile.  This one isn't just about iOS and it's not even mentioned that much ... which is good since I wouldn't have bothered with it since I still haven't started Siri.  Pfft

MacWorld:  MacOS High Sierra: Top 6 new features announced at WWDC

AFPS is the new file system for MacOS and HFS+ is so old it could be elected President.  The new file system promises radical improvements in performance, security, and utility for your files and the Rockhouse is most pleased to see this one.

PHOTOS has been annoying and underpowered piece of worthless crap ever since it arrived but this time Apple has put some beef into it with graphic tuning and various filters which promise to escalate it from just screwing around with photographs to being actually useful for working with them.  The Rockhouse is again pleased and interested to see whatever will be delivered.

For the full five stars, PHOTOS needs to lose those infinitely annoying Are You Sure alerts since we're quite sure we are not in kindergarten.  Even if nothing else, at least give us the option to turn them off.

SAFARI is announced to be the No. 1 Internet Speedball and that's swell but it's not the most beauteous part.  The existing incarnation of Safari offers a mute button to kill audio for any given tab but it won't prevent autoplay videos from starting.  The High Sierra SAFARI will kill those videos and prevent them from even getting out of the gate.

For the Rockhouse, autoplay videos are one of the worst grinding bitches about the Internet and now SAFARI will shoot them where they stand.  That stops the intrusive offense of CNN video immediately.  Glory!

Other updates are substantive in their way but not all that sexy and they can be picking tea in China after those first three since those are eminently beauteous.

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