Monday, July 17, 2017

I Received the Card and it's Exactly the Same Here

While depriving the planet of my scintillating sensibilities can amount to some measure of comedy on Ithaka, it's not all that funny to people who think I'm kind of swell.  No-one knows better than the Regulars that eventually the lights go out ... but, please, not too soon.

I have the same concern about the lights and not necessarily only my own since the world is immeasurably reduced without yours in it.  Whatever my own situation, I can deal with it in whatever way I think works best and the real gut ripper is when you're having troubles which is probably the same in reverse as the vibe coming to you.

All of this is deliberately generic but You Know Who You Are.

I hear you in multiple places throwing out (in whatever ways) things accumulated over long periods and that seems an awareness which comes quite a bit at this age:  I'm never going to get free if I don't get free of all this damn stuff.

There's almost no possession I miss although that giant TV was twisted cool.  I do offer this incentive, tho, since I've seen more things when I've had nothing than I ever did when I had a whole lot of stuff.  I can't emphasize strongly enough how much getting rid of things will set you free and in many more ways than giving you the freedom for that caravanserai in the dream.  The freedom isn't specifically the caravanserai but rather it's in the absence of reasons to look backward while you do it.

If there's any kind of redemption coming my way, it's ensuring the light stays lit as long as possible and it's not necessarily for me but rather for those or one who may want to find the way to it.

Like you say, we can make shit ... and it's what we do.  We like making shit.  Sometimes it's painted, sometimes it's loud, or sometimes it's a historical analysis but we do these things.  It's come at this time when we find the other things we did really didn't matter that much or don't matter anymore.  Lotho was never one for rehabbing any house except his own during the career part of his life but now it seems he does it all over town.

Self-actualization is the fulfillment, the be all you can be, and it's the kind of vibe which is, in some ways, more accessible than at any other time because we don't have to fuck around with anything else.

We don't see actualization as a poofy idea from uni but rather it's something people assiduously dodge and insert a generic editorial on social networks where people don't try to actualize anything.

That doesn't work for any of us since there's still the demand to make shit ... because it's what we do and we still fuckin' can.

The light will always be on at the Rockhouse Motel 6.  We can't offer much in the way of midnight assignations but it's a ball otherwise except for the parts which suck.  So long as I can reach that light switch, that light will stay lit.

So what if it goes up to 107F or better this Summer (and it will).  We will hide inside with A.C. and we will do it shamelessly.

The answer is not to continue dodging the E.R. even when there's the potential for making music which is just about the healthiest thing I can possibly do.  The hurty aspect is not tolerable and, even if nothing else, the music doesn't need the distraction.

Things may seem lackadaisical but they're not.  There's no need for a sermon as it's a simple thing you all know already.  If something doesn't happen, it's almost invariably because it was just too fuckin' hard and all of us can handle some damn hard stuff.

Smoking a spliff doesn't make all that go away; ganja doesn't work like that.  I know we're all doing the best we can and hopefully you'll understand I am as well even when it may not seem that way.


Anonymous said...

So did ya like the modified dress??

Anonymous said...

And what I meant was when we are given shit--we can make something out of making lemonade out of lemons.

Peas InOurThyme said...

I did like the dress since your changes enliven the view of her as they did with the previous. I have no idea how you do it but you have a marvelous technique!

I got you on making shit but I must not have expressed it well since maybe it's delivered with kind of a shrug and, "I just, you know, make shit."

The bigger part is we're really not happy when we're not making shit even when that may not seem to make sense to anyone else.