Thursday, July 20, 2017

"Reach for the Twinkling Lady" #Poetry

There's a whole load of science
long reams of that jive
but just now the jammin' thing
is trying to stay alive
There's nothing in the books for that
they don't have it to tell
but the other better answer
is with the axe and play like hell

It should have been recorded
it's something I often say
but still I rarely do it
any time I play
Impulse time time will own me
like the Moon jumped over the cow
like a teenage kid on Date Night
everything must be now

That's the way it happens
and there is no other move
except to reach for the twinkling lady
to try to find a groove
she sings it all so pretty
but I'm looking for surprise
will it tell some kind of story
or just be finger exercise

It was sounding kind of jammin'
or there would be no point to write
and it appears to be the thing it is
comes much more into sight
There's a time yet for recording
and there's not any more to say
since the answer comes the best it can
whenever I can play

- Colonel Arbuthnot Jones

Note:  the Galaxy Guitar really does twinkle because she has many carefully-placed crystals on her body.

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