Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Big Pharma and a Possible Anti-Aging Drug #Science #Medicine #Health

One of the worst things about American television is the plethora of ads from Big Pharma regarding one prescription medication after the other.  Research has already shown that type of advertising biases medical decision making by doctors and not in good ways.

MSM does it as well but in a different form becuase, of course, we're good and Big Pharma is bad.  The Rockhouse does not discern any difference when behavior is functionally equivalent.

The article in question is lying right from the title since the hold-up isn't Big Pharma but rather FDA approval of metformin.

Observer:  Big Pharma Ignores Possible Anti-Aging Drug Because It Costs 5 Cents Per Pill

Metformin’s low price is an obstacle to its approval.

That line is buggered as well as you can verify below.

For the past several years, Dr. Barzilai has been pushing the FDA to approve metformin, a drug that several preliminary studies have shown extends lifespan and enhances life in old age. The drug is already approved to treat type 2 diabetes, and it only costs five cents a pill.

- Observer

Clearly, selling price is not an obstacle to approval.

Moreover ...

Dr. Barzilai has focused his research on metformin and how to improve quality of life in old age. However, the FDA doesn’t recognize aging as a medical condition. Even if this obstacle were overcome, there is difficulty in designing a study that would prove the drug’s anti-aging qualities. Since 2014, Dr. Barzilai has been confident that metformin is the best drug to demonstrate this quality and pursue this anti-aging agenda with the FDA. Dr. Barzilai and several other researchers developed a clinical trial, dubbed the TAME trial (targeting aging with metformin) to prove the anti-aging properties of the drug. Dr. Barzilai met with FDA officials in 2015 and is optimistic the agency will make a decision once the trials are complete.

- Observer

For this one, the Observer gets the full score for empty clickbait.  The problem with the drug isn't Big Pharma but rather FDA philosophy and the good doctor is working with them to change the philosophy so he can seek approval on the basis of improving the aging process.

The Rockhouse has no wish to defend Big Pharma since we view that lot as the worst thing to happen to human health since infectious disease.  However, using them as a one-size-fits-all catchall for every problem with the medical approval process gives no value whatever and, in fact, detracts from the likelihood of resolving problems because this type of publicity obfuscates the actual problem.

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