Wednesday, May 17, 2017

What Goes / Blows on Ithaka

Babe Ruth, Cabbage Leaves, and Fun with Vegetables
Uh Oh, We May Be Losing the Russians
An Oldie but a Goodie: Towing Icebergs for Fun and Profit
Plant with Rotting Flesh Smell Blooms in California ... Because Of Course It Does
Yet Another Act of NSA and the Defenestration Program
Brit Military Incompetence Becomes a Global Embarrassment
What an Immense Surprise: NSA Blames North Korea for WannaCry - Science
Moral Enhancement by Machine and Don't You Love This - Science
There is No Exceptionalism in Scapegoating WikiLeaks
The Cocaine Wars and the Deforestation of Central America
The Day of Freedom for Chelsea Manning While America Languishes in Chains
The Comey Memo Shows There's Still Nothing Substantive in the News
Thar's Work in That There Landfill - Science
Sam Really Was America's Uncle
First, There Was the Skyline Chili; Second, There Was the Orange Dreamsicle Ice Cream


Does OK
Does well 

The Tanks are interesting since I'm seeing disinterest for towing icebergs, possibly because this isn't the first time someone came up with this idea and abanoned it.  It's possibly alienating because there's substantial amusement in the climatic change irony of doing such a thing but there's substantial denial of climate change.

The NSA is a Tank since Americans are terrified of them so no surprise there.    It's a surprise that machine moral enhancement tanks.  The article isn't intended to be entertaining but it's the same premise as "A Clockwork Orange."  Unknown why that should alienate people.

It's a puzzle that the Landfill is Borderline since there's high probability there are many jobs coming that way although people may have freaked about the robos.

The Cocaine Wars is also borderline and perhaps people cling to the typical solutions (i.e. interdiction with guns) even when they're shown they don't work and there are substantial consequences, particularly for the rain forest.

It's not a surprise to see Chelsea Manning is borderline ... but it is pathetic.  No matter where she goes there will still be some creeps trying to use her as a scapegoat.

You're a most unusual lot but you may be coming from just about anywhere so I suppose I should not be surprised.

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