Wednesday, May 17, 2017

An Oldie but a Goodie: Towing Icebergs for Fun and Profit

This Jan. 14, 2015 satellite image provided by NASA shows the shattered remains of a colossal iceberg known as B-15 on the Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica. A Dubai firm's dream of towing icebergs from the Antarctic to the Arabian Peninsula could face some titanic obstacles. Where many see the crumbling polar ice caps as a distressing illustration of global warming, the company sees it as a source of profit, and a way of offsetting the effects of climate change in the increasingly sweltering Gulf.  But the plan faces a daunting array of legal, financial and logistical hurdles—and environmentalists are less than thrilled. (NASA via AP)  Dubai firm dreams of harvesting icebergs for water

The Rockhouse loves this story since it pops up for one place or another as often as bitching about Daylight Savings Time.

The genius of this is just adorable since most lament global warming but Dubai thinks there's a buck in it.  The logic is doubly brilliant since they're one of the first places to wind up underwater from the melting ice caps.

Ed:  problems with the Middle East are almost over?

Well, unless it floats, yes.

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