Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Uh Oh, We May Be Losing the Russians

The Rockhouse doesn't care about losing Neoliberals since, wtf, why would anyone but we do care about losing Russia and it's unusual the way entire countries will swing in and out of Ithaka.

Sometimes Russia gets interested and that generates zillions of hits but, as usual, I have no idea why they come.  That seems to move in phases which may relate to phases of the Moon, how much Washington is trying to jack their shit at any moment, or because they're playing Pokemon and want to find the Argle Bargle.

Ed:  what's an Argle Bargle?

No idea but it seems like the kind of thing they try to find in Pokemon.

Ed:  ok so what's your visualization of an Argle Bargle?

Something which eats ... constantly.  They're relatively easy to find because they're huge and they're slow.

Ed:  so they come to America for that?

Of course since it's either here or Mexico for the biggest Argle Bargles in the world.

But then Russia loses interest in Argle Bargles and they don't appear much until the next time.  Germany comes and goes as does France.  This is some of the Anthropology since the content changes in specifics but not in general themes so why should there be a variation?

Ed:  are you asking the question just to answer it yourself as is the wont of so many who should never have been entrusted with the gift of speech?

Nah since I don't know the answer.

Maybe you think Hot Russian Actresses are a draw for Russians but of course they're not since they're already aware of them.

Ed:  the Rockhouse needs more tits and ass!  T&A, that's your answer.

If there's anything Ithaka doesn't need, it's more tits and ass.

Ed:  well, aren't you the clever cocksman!

No but I don't pretend to be one either.  When I tell you I love the eyes of some woman, amazingly enough, it's true.

Ed:  men have eyes so why aren't they hot to you as well?

Try kissing a sheet of sandpaper and ask me again, mate.  Many men are hot but that doesn't mean I want to smooch and I damn sure don't want to do anything else with them although they're often quite funny in conversation except for the morose ones who are still pissed off at finding they're gay.  WTF, wouldn't you be pissed.

Ed:  eventually they adjust

But we make it just as fucking difficult for them as possible, don't we, Crusaders.

Ed:  oh, sure.  Russians will love the idea of being sympathetic to homosexuals!

How should I know what Russians love when all I know is Putin won't come.  He definitely has an attitude toward gay people.  Accepting Russian gay hatred on that basis would be like me believing Americans are anything like Obama and you know we're not.  Trump isn't any more like us than he was.  Therefore, I listen to Americans but rarely to Washington.

Wanna tell me how much Pussy Riot hates gay people?  Get outta town.

The Rockhouse loves you, Nadya Tolokonnikova, and (sob) we know you are married.

Nadya Tolokonnikova, maybe the hottest Hot Russian we're ever going to see.

Ed: and you can't have her.  Neener neener

Such is my lament (sob).

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