Monday, May 29, 2017

So then I Went Down to See the Terrorists

After a couple of thousand mgs of the Savior in the Aspirin, I went down to see the Terrorists for some cigarettes.

Note:  that's American definition of terrorists in that they're brown and they're foreign.  These ones are from India, however, the Land of Gandhi.

I noticed on the counter there was some type of pink confection which somewhat resembled a THC toy I saw yesterday.  I told the fellow, "I saw a confection like this and they were putting THC from marijuana in it.  Don't be giving the ganja to children ... keep it for yourself."

He said, "These kids nowadays, they go crazy with the marijuana."

I told him, "I've been kind of partial to it all my life but you have to treat it with respect."

Ed:  like you were so respectful of it in the days of the Hosea Avenue Freak Foundation!

I submit, my brothers and sisters, we never gave nothin' to children.  We fuckin' did keep it for ourselves.  Ha.

In the Rockhouse estimation, it's looking like the corpofreaks have been drinking the bilge water from their bongs and there's always one in every crowd who will try that.  Maybe y'all remember the heavenly li'l tummy ache he got from that coolio stunt.

Ed:  so that's the Moral Imperative from the Rockhouse today ... don't drink the bilge water from your bong

Now, I ask you, if that ain't a country song then what is it.

Oh, Lord, I drank the bilge water
I drank it from from my bong
and after several days of torment
I realized something was wrong

but I could not stop; I was addicted
There I was on the lonely prairie
where the men are men but boring as fuck
but all I was needing 

was the bilge water from a bong
the sewage from that ganja song
the pretender of the scuppernong
I was an addict for the bilge

It's not a song or a formulaic gong
and it will never be country 
without a train
without my pain
without my sad lament
on my hopeless life misspent

Yippee kay yay, woe is me
Hippy hi hay, my bong is free
Rooty toot toot, it's gone away
Shazam and shellac, my bong is free
but not me
not ever
I just need the bilge water from my bong

- Some asshole

Now that's the bloody rubbish that asshole writes before he has had his bilge water so what say we fall back a few minutes for the after image.

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