Sunday, May 28, 2017

"When You Don't Hear a Sound"

When life comes down hard
and you need a little help
it only gets worse
when you don't hear a sound
of anybody coming
or giving a second thought
to the endless suffering
and how much it hurts

It's so easy to be regal
when you fail to understand
there are so many who are failing
at life in aging years
there's no money for prescriptions
doctors need copays and such
so can anybody help me
I don't think I ask for much

But there is no tiny sound
not from anywhere
and how can one survive
in this state of despair
It's inflicted by a system
which is beyond any care
and it only works with calculators
which never, ever share

What is she to do
for any woman on her own
when she's in her aging years
and she finds herself alone
where can she turn
when no-one sheds a tear
they know her concerns
but don't care about her fears

It's a callous population
which leaves such folks to die
and the first to talk of any folks
was Palin in her stride
where she was first to deny medical
or any kind of comfort
they can do the thing she's always done
and find it in a bottle

We have heard some talk of Resistance
when they were the ones who fought it
They say they want to help
but we know it isn't true
They'll say they make wine from water
if it gets a rise from you
but we have seen such people before
and they are not of us

They are not of anyone
except the bankers and the bribers
the most scurrilous of any men
and all have seen it's true
when they'll do anything for money
it doesn't matter what it does to you
and still you need your medicine
and there's no-one coming around

- Some asshole

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