Tuesday, May 30, 2017

There's Still Nothin' in the News but At Least Jingoism Runs High

Yah, I did that one.  Sue me.

Cadillac Man, sorry about the absence of much of a political nature but it's reached such an embarrassing nadir when the headline is the Senate's own Chatty Cathy doll and you can pull a string on John McCain to get mindless war talk every single time.  The salivating second-raters of CNN run it every time.

McCain has been pissed off ever since Obama showed he was more of a Republican than he and a much more proficient killer so, ever since, McCain has been trying to start a war somewhere since he seems to feel it's his destiny.  It's just like with Jeb Bush since he wanted to complete that family's trifecta by starting a war of his own.

Maybe you recall that McCain sounded surprisingly reasoned and literate in his debates but we see in his day-to-day manner how he really is.  It's tough to imagine anyone, after Bush, could have been worse than Obama but McCain might have been able to deliver it.

Either way, with modern Democrats or Republicans, they don't do anything except start wars so the best move for the Rockhouse is to go where they're not.  Unfortunately, The Guardian and FARK which had been my most reliable sources of photographs have become so hopelessly mired in plebian politics and the most base nature.

Yesterday there was a beautiful song written by some Islamic artist for Ramadan and it sang forthrightly against terrorism in a general pop style so it was a lovely effort ... but Americans see Islam and they recoil.  Dese monkeys are hard-programmed, mate.  (Ithaka:  Islam in a Way You May Have Never Seen It and the Song is Beautiful)

The reception for that one was poor and the hell of it is I'm not even surprised although I had hoped to be enlightened ... oh, there really is love in this country.  Well, scratch on that one.

I was better off with "Outlaw Josey Wales" since there was honor in that time ... but still none in the government.  I was going to write people didn't roll over for state oppression back then but of course they did and Josey Wales was the only one who didn't.

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