Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Plant with Rotting Flesh Smell Blooms in California ... Because Of Course It Does

Kareen Fulton, 4, center, and her sister, Snow, 2, cover their noses as they pause for photos in front of an Amorphophallus titanum, better known as the corpse flower, at Cal State Fullerton Tuesday, May 16, 2017, in Fullerton, Calif. The flower lets off a smell while blooming, that some say is akin to smelling like rotting flesh. 

Jae C. Hong AP Photo

The Tribune:  Plant with rotting flesh smell blooms in California  (not the Chicago Tribune but one of many others)

California copied Chicago and of course they did since there's more herd behavior of that nature in California than you find where the buffalo roam.

Ed:  which is why they run this story when it's run a billion times or so already?

Roger that

Modern journos have told us so many times about how much the Corpse Plant stinks but we're beginning to think they derive some sexual pleasure from it.  And sure it may since what attracts a modern journo more than a stink.  Best is the stink from the crash of an aircraft with multiple fatalities.

Oh, God, I think I'm going to swoon.

The Rockhouse may research further the ingenuity of this plant since it's vastly higher than those who generally observe it.  There was an article yesterday about carnivorous plants and this is another one. (Ithaka:  Making Science Understandable for Neoliberals with Carnivorous Plants)

Ed:  it's a bitch when a plant is brighter than the California voters!

Cripes, mate; it's not the first time.  You do recall "Little Shop of Horrors," right?

Ed:  they elected the only Republican governor in America who isn't an active embarrassment to the country.

Fair enough. They did do that and the beauty part is it was fuckin' Schwarzenegger.

Ed:  California just busted Tim Allen for being a Republican!

Yah but he was a stupid one.  Schwarzenegger knew the game and he was wise about it.

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