Tuesday, May 30, 2017

"In the Magic Land"

There's nowhere I can go 
where my presence won't be grudged
There's nowhere I can live 
where my lifestyle won't be judged

Except here

The Rockhouse is the Sanctuary
the place of peace and the love
which is mightily rejected
by those who prefer the killing
but here in the Rockhouse
no blood is ever spilling
except our own
and there's been quite a bit
but really, all in all,
we don't give a shit
because it is a Magic Land
and the pain will hurt no less
but freedom from the judgment
is our blessing undeserved

We are the wretched losers
and sometimes that comes in life
righteousness won't prevent it
but we didn't need it anyway
when we always knew the rightness
of the killing was all wrong
but all around they love it
and will do it for a song

Some may say it's magic
to find a place to go
and it may seem that's true
after the torment you know
but there isn't any recompense
we don't expect a thing
we live for the greatest joy in life
to hear the caged bird sing

- Some asshole

Note:  even though I'm an asshole, I'm aware the last line was stolen and deliberately with respect for Maya Angelou.

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