Saturday, May 27, 2017

The Spliff that Goes Like an EverReady Bunny

There's no spliff pic so the Bunny will have to do.  These commercials were running when I last watched television and people got to wanting to murder that bunny.

I'm happy to murder spliffs ... but slowly so the enjoy it.

Rolling one of the Doomsday Spliffs using the 100mm Doomsday papers (Zig Zag, of course) may warrant a video for Old School Spliff Rolling.  There's one tiny detail, however, since the Old School never smoked spliffs.  It might be novel to see that along with some twisted commentary.

Note:  I just checked with the headcam but it's been quite a while and all three batteries dead.  I'm not quite sure what became of the charger.  Only one place is used for batteries and chargers and it's A.W.O.L.  There's another way with a tripod cam and that could be better since I completely hate wearing that headband for the headcam anyway.

I rolled one of those Doomsday Spliffs early this morning and there's not much left but it still lives.  That delivered about a bowl to a bowl and a half of the ganja but the bowl is tiny, about the size of a thumbnail (your real one).

The ganja consumption is ridiculously low relative to some Ganja Cowboy who is blowin' spliffs from both hands but that don't mean doodlysquat to the Rockhouse since there's wasting the ganja on wasting yourself or there's appreciating it like a connoisseur.  Believe it or not as you like but the connoisseur buzz gets far bigger.

Likely all of this is trivial to you but there were some troubles with smoking the ganja which this approach seems to eliminate and the cigarette will go down anyway so now it goes to a good cause.

However, the Doomsday Spliff has no filter but I will order some of those from ... da da ... Amazon, of course.  Only eight bucks ... what a deal.

Note:  my own medical situation has been masked by The Situation and I'm more than happy to leave it that way.

The saga continues in Ithaka: Old School Spliff Rolling | The Video

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