Saturday, May 27, 2017

Father Anonymous Talks to Paul Ryan in Rhyme | Video

Again it was astounding how fast the video transcoded since it completed in one minute or just under and seeing this repeated just may spoil me.

The talk is in rhyme or doggerel, if you like.  The latter is more accurate but there isn't any language which will boil anyone in Utah and I did get sanguivorous into the poem ... you don't hear that one every day (takes a humble bow).

Tip:  think vampire  (Ithaka:  Vampire Bats Help their Friends - Science)

The poem isn't perfect but nothing ever is and at least on the second take I didn't forget the neon yellow Moon shot to end it.  It was still improv since I didn't copy the first or even use it much.  There are things I forgot but the point is clear nevertheless.

I'll never be satisfied with anything I make but it delivered the message intended and that was its only real task.

Note:  that vampire article is burnin' the tires off Ithaka today.  Sometimes I do one right.

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