Monday, May 29, 2017

Feel that Android Love

Photographer unknown

Maybe that's one of the robos from "Ex Machina" which is a surprisingly good robo movie and which goes, oh, so brilliantly, to the point of all the blathering about Artificial Intelligence and make the pitch we will make them so human-like you will want to go bowling with them.

In fact, most humans don't even want to bowl with other humans unless we're sure they make the cut as bowler material (i.e. must love hideous bowling shirts, etc).

How is an AI robo to understand a hideous bowling shirt or the requirement for it.  We do ridiculous things because we fuckin' like doing ridiculous things, Android Man, so piss off and go to lift some heavy loads or do some stupid shit I don't want to do.

We want robos because we're lazy, right?  They will do stuff we don't want to do so, hey, buddy ... welcome aboard.

We need a buddy buddy robo like we need a dental extraction and may I remind the AI Love Muffin Robo in "Ex Machina" turned on her benefactor and dumped him, leaving him to an inevitable death in a sealed chamber.

Benefactor:  woe is me.  I thought she loved me.

Doris Day:  Que sera sera
The future's for robos to see
Que sera sera

Ten Bears:  the robo is your Word of Death so what is your Word of Life?

Josey Wales:  I bring the Comanche sign of peace (continue with the real dialog from that)

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