Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Ex-Joint Chiefs Chairman Martin Dempsey, Bird Colonel to Major General in Five Years

There's nothing particularly distinguished in Martin Dempsey's service record although he wears a tremendous number of General ribbons but only a couple of them had anything to do with combat and even then there wasn't much.

However, Dempsey got back to the Pentagon as a bird Colonel and, magically, he was a three-star Major General in five years.  In any known dimension, that's impossible.  We therefore conclude either his family has money or he's got dirt on Washington they don't want the world to hear.

Do familiarize yourself with the cowardly Pentagon pussies who send the brothers and sisters to get killed when they were never willing to take that exposure themselves.  He probably prays to Jesus every night but people like him have done more to engender rejection of Christianity than any other force on the planet since, when Christians are forever engaged in such relentless and aggressive killing, any kind of Deity will do better than that one.

There is no Rockhouse problem with Jesus since he was a kind and gentle man ... which is nothing even remotely resembling America's public persona.  He ain't heavy; he's my golfer.

In the last few days, "Mad Dog" Mattis must have got a Viagra refill since he's been trash talking the IS-IS like he would actually get his bad self onto a battlefield ... which of course he won't.  He said he will scare the bejeebers out of them and they will run like dogs.

In fact, they won't run anywhere since they have nowhere to go when fucking Imperialist terrorists invade their land.

The glory part is their artless defense of Israel and their claim to the birthplace of Jesus when they're the same motherfuckers who killed him.  Palestine has always been there but Israel wasn't and now that metastasizing nightmare has squeezed Palestine to an inch of its life.

Everyone has a right to live in peace but not in Netanyahu's view and definitely not in the views from Washington or 10 Downing Street.

America has lost its way politically and also spiritually which is quite a remarkable accomplishment.

Fuck it.  Back to the movies.

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