Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Comey Memo Shows There's Still Nothing Substantive in the News

CNN hasn't had a bone like this since the last plane crash and they've posted their 'analysis' of Trump's chance of 'surviving' the Comey Memo.  CNN is the kind of place where it's important to tell people something is an analysis since otherwise they may think CNN is just trying to make another of their cheap Lindsay Lohan peep shows.

Trump won't be impeached any sooner than Bill Clinton gets a post-Presidential impeachment for spanking the monkey with Monica Lewinsky in the Oval Office.  (Ithaka: The Grand MSM Wet Dream of Impeaching Trump for Talking to Laprov)

Ed:  it's the ever-popular CNN Double-Standard Side-Step?

Looks that way

If there's any more of this melodrama, people will start cutting themselves even more because at least that way the pain makes sense.

Killing Trump with the Comey Memo is CNN's Impeachment Fantasy Flavor of the Day and the Rockhouse is confident it won't be long before they get to impeaching him for tip-toeing through the tulips.

The marvel is that anyone takes it seriously and this proves, once again, there are big, big bucks in bullshit.

Note:  Ithaka has zero financial base and there's no substantive way to contribute anything.  My bullshit is free.

Ed:  but yours is true?

Every word of it ... apart from the bits which are bullshit but any reasonably alert cocker spaniel should be able to discern which bits.

Ed:  what about when you told people you and Mystery Lady had adopted a kid named Subaru Li from South Korea?

Well, that was bullshit but it also wasn't Ithaka and it was so funny to watch.  People bought it and the connection to Subaru never clicked.  You named this kid after a car?  No-one asked so I laughed and laughed.  A joke like that doesn't have such long legs so I did 'fess up after a while but it was all harmless and people got a kick out of it.

All together now ... what happens if you can't get your impeachment proceedings through Congress?


It don't mean a thing
if it don't got that swing
Do wop, do wop, do wop, do wop

- Duke Ellington

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