Monday, May 29, 2017

Here I'm Tanking and I'm Fresh Out of Vampire Bats

We know Canucks get off on Vampire Bats and we don't know why but the range of such beasties doesn't extend that far North ... at least not yet.

Remember the Killer Bees?

Ed:  the Killer Vampire Bats are coming?

It's inevitable, mate.

Ed:  you're thinking of GMO Vampire Bats?

Are you thinking DARPA didn't think of them already?

Ed:  there's no DNA or not much in the red corpuscles!

There's plenty in the white corpuscles, mein Brüder.

Will come the time people will be praying that Doctor Frankenstein only makes humanoid monsters.

And, speaking of humanoid monsters, that segues conveniently to Ithaka:  Kris Jenner Oozes Sex Appeal, the hefty mama of the clan.  The reason for the observation was in the context of Mothers Who Compete with their Daughters.  In this case, Jenner is losing but we have seen other situations in which the daughter was crushed into a wallflower by it.

Yah, I do regard it as a humanoid monster and it's somehow different for men.

I never felt my ol' Dad was competing with any of us but your Father is supposed to be the Unattainable Ideal Toward Whom We Strive so that vibe is entirely different from when Mama is competing as the Hot Button to Push.

At least, I perceive it as different and that may be due to my ol' Mother as the prototypical Mama and fill in all the stereotypical ideals plus she read like a driven maniac but with great enthusiasm for it.  As with your Mama, she was one of a kind.

But, to many, that's a stereotypical kind and many women don't want to put on five pounds a year while they cheerfully cook and do their family making.  That image is straight from Betty Crocker who also managed to look beautiful while she did it although we'll skip the editorial on that.

The young man's fancy is the Hot Button and that definitely ain't Mama although she was lovely in her day and I'm deliberately omitting the beauty of bearing age with grace but it's known to me.

If yer Mama, however, is a Hot Button or trying to be, does that confuse a young man and, believe me, I don't want to know since we can play Oedipus / Elektra complexes all day long but the only one who will dig it is Freud.

Hopefully you will accept the belief the primal tribal family is the natural order since that's how humans evolved to be and survive.  In that situation, the father as the hunter probably stays relatively fit while the mother as the caretaker usually winds up haggard from it but full of love and an amazing story in the lines on her face.

In the Rockhouse estimation, there's zero chance of an Oedipal Complex in that situation although it's possible Elektra can come into it since father is kind of hot and we know some subhumans even now will tangle with their children.

It's disappointing to see civilization did not quell that and the Rockhouse believes it exacerbated it since individuality also means anonymity and that permits all manner of devilment whereas how much can a man hide from his primal tribe.  I suspect not much.

And, speaking of heavy ...

There was some type of walkabout for the G7 Meisters and all walked except Trump who rode in a golf cart.  I heard it from Chelsea Handler so I replied to her, "He ain't heavy; he's my golfer."

That was a win.

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