Sunday, May 28, 2017

The Peace-Loving People Shout in Such a Precious Manner When their Peace is Rejected

Two Chinese SU-30 fighter jets take off from an unspecified location to fly a patrol over the South China Sea. Photograph: Jin Danhua/AP

Oh, gee, they're not dealing with some Middle Eastern rubes who don't have any appreciable defenses so they can be slaughtered at will.

Two Chinese fighter jets buzzed a US navy surveillance plane over the South China Sea on Wednesday, with one coming within 180 metres (200 yards) of the American aircraft, according to US officials.

The officials said initial reports showed that the US P-3 Orion surveillance plane was 150 miles (240km) south-east of Hong Kong in international airspace when the Chinese aircraft carried out the “unsafe” intercept. One Chinese aircraft flew in front of the American plane, restricting its ability to manoeuvre.

The Pentagon confirmed that two Chinese jets had carried out the intercept, saying it was “unsafe and unprofessional”.

The Guardian:  US says Chinese jets 'unsafely' intercepted surveillance plane

Now we know the spy aircraft was flying in international airspace since the peace-loving people of America would never invade the space of any other sovereign nation by surreptitious flyovers, satellites, or the soon to come drone insects.

We love the confirmation from the Pentagon since that's the same outfit which says it never murders civilians in the Middle East.

Meanwhile, the depravity of American / Brit intrusion is mightily rejected by Libyans who want the invading infidels to get the hell out of their country because of course they do.  (RT:  Tripoli death toll mounts as ‘Libya revolution hero’ clashes with UN-backed govt forces)

Perhaps you recall how Hillary Clinton said she stabilized things in Libya but that conniving bitch had only started another Hundred Years War.

Tip:  don't ask anyone at Wellesley since they have no idea of the history.  What?  You thought the college was supposed to teach them something except boobs?

When we look about the cadre of world leaders, there's only one female who isn't just as vile and vicious as the men (i.e. Angela Merkel) but I've never heard the femmebots regard her with any kind of respect.  We're not surprised by that since Merkel has taken heavy fire for trying to do the decent thing about refugees and America's intrinsic xenophobia will revile that every time.

We accept leadership from those who are not worthy of it, just as it is with law from people who don't care and aren't bound by it and science from people who often refuse to accept its existence.  Those who do accept such leadership will never, in turn, be leaders and they probably won't be much good at business either.

I only met one at higher levels of IT who espoused any kind of anti- beliefs and that was in the context of climate control which was surprising relative to support for science of other kinds.  For the people who don't support science of any kind, they have no chance of reaching levels like that and they never do.

Ed:  why?

They don't work hard enough.  When they manifest such intellectual apathy, how much vigor do you suppose they ever bring to anything else except making life hell for black people.

We will see the anti-science, anti-vaxx people again ... when they come crawling to the cancer center begging for life.  Suddenly they will believe in science or they will die and it's only evolution in action.

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