Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Brit Military Incompetence Becomes a Global Embarrassment

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A military convoy of nuclear warhead carriers was left stranded on the side of the public M40 motorway on Monday when one of the vehicles in the escort broke down.

According to anti-nuclear campaign group Nukewatch, the convoy was left stranded at a slip road near Bicester on Monday morning. The vehicles were making their way from the warhead assembly plant at Burghfield.

Nukewatch said the trucks were heading to Coulport on Loch Long, Scotland, where warheads are stored and loaded aboard the Trident submarines.

RT:  Convoy of nuclear warhead carriers 'breaks down' on public highway

Wowee, zowee, Theresa May; what's got into you?

Ed:  every Tory with a quid and a few minutes?

For her next act, May will set her hair afire but that's ok since we would send her a Code Pink pussy hat.

Ed:  Code Pink is an enemy of Theresa May!

May regards just about everyone as an enemy and well she should.  Wasn't it during her tenure that the Brits tested their antique Trident sub missiles and inadvertently shot one toward America.  It was hers or the last and Cameron is to blame for sponsoring the Brit warships which break down in warm water.

Ed:  UK is the NK of the West!

Well, their Trident missile program appears identical when they and NK shoot missiles ostensibly toward America.

Ed:  idiots!


It's not clear whether live nukes were on the vehicle at the time it broke down but, judging by the string of London's ill-advised and egregiously stupid military adventures, London probably doesn't know if there were any nukes aboard either.

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