Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Day of Freedom for Chelsea Manning While Critics Still Wear their Chains

The Resistance is more proud of Chelsea Manning's courage than many others of the members of this noble cadre for peace, honesty, equality, and freedom.

After years on end of state torture by the Obama administration, Chelsea will be freed today but she won't be released because she will not be discharged from the Army.  She has never even been tried.  Only third-world countries imprison political prisoners so long without charge.

Some say there are no flies on Obama for doing this but Manning is not pardoned; she's just not inside anymore.  The fact that Edward Snowden and Julian Assange are still under various equivalents of house arrest show what really made Obama and it's nothing the resistance ever wanted.  We seek the courage which never comes from the state.

Americans are tremendously courageous, as much so as any other people in the world, but Washington is not and hasn't been since the Age of Real Leaders (i.e. WWII Era).  Americans bring courage but Washington kills it, particularly when few of those cowardly, sanctimonious bastards ever served.

Please don't insult me by referring to the joke of what George Bush called service.  His father was a real soldier but his son was never more than a fake.  If anyone but a rich boy had tried the stunt he pulled ...

Ed:  he would be in a military jail beside Chelsea Manning?

Roger that

Here at the Rockhouse, we don't want to hear about freedom from Washington when they don't believe in it.  Here with the Resistance we believe actions and rarely words.  We're the same ones who have been blamed for America's massive addiction to narcotics when stoners didn't have a damn thing to do it and Big Pharma made the junkies but stoners never did.  We fucking hate narcotics.

Here at the Rockhouse, we know the words whereas the leporine lizards of the Mainstream don't even know what they mean.

Rockhouse Freebie:  that means lizards who jump like rabbits.  Imagine that fun, huh?

Ed:  it needs a movie!

It's my dream

Ed:  are you seriously trying to ride on the coattails of Chelsea Manning's courage in handling being used by Washington so brazenly as a scapegoat for their incompetence?

Do try to spare the melodrama since this isn't MSM and we're not impressed by it.

That kind of scapegoating toward Manning is analogous to the way people like Jeff Sessions and the like have used marijuana as their scapegoat for the disgrace of Big Pharma's grossly irresponsible propagation of hard narcotics throughout America's society.  As usual, Washington is only acting like the kneepad apologists for Big Pharma.  However, that doesn't even approximate the way Obama tortured Chelsea Manning.

Don't even think about blaming your junkies on stoners when anyone even capable of playing Pokemon should be able to see the falsity of blaming the criminal cynical duplicity of corporate Big Pharma on stoners who have never had anything to do with it.

Ed:  can you play Pokemon?

Nope, the Rockhouse has no time to fuck around with games for children ... or other games for adults, for that matter.  Pokemon wasn't so much a game as a club and it was a bore from that context alone.

All the lonely people
Where do they all come from

- The Beatles

Ed:  what about the Hot Russian Actresses?

Now you're pushing gaming as a concept way past where it belongs but, wtf, we fuckin' love Russian actresses.

Ed:  no, you don't!  You just lust for their eyes, bitch!

Well, at least we don't harvest them; we ain't Washington.

By the way, matey, mate, don't be throwing any politics on this since no-one in Washington except Bernie Sanders has supported being rational about marijuana.  I've talked to y'all Regular Republicans out there and I know you're just as fed-up as the Rockhouse with the millions wasted on pointlessly trying to interdict marijuana but Washington doesn't make that happen, does it, mates.

However, the Resistance is greatly encouraged to see Chelsea Manning released from a jail cell.  When there are damn few substantive signs of honest interest in freedom in America, the Resistance will take this and gladly.

Welcome back, Chelsea Manning.  We love you and admire the courage in what you did for honesty and truth.  Thank you.

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