Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Babe Ruth, Cabbage Leaves, and Fun with Vegetables

Babe Ruth put a cabbage leaf under his baseball cap and changed it every couple of innings to cool his head while he played and ...

Ed:  that is such bullshit!

Oh really.

Well, it's partly bullshit since he typically used two.   (Biography:  5 Quirky Facts About Babe Ruth)

It's remarkable how much Americans yap about how much they love this country while it's stunning to observe how little they know of it, especially for America's second most boring game after Anti-Fussball for fat people who can't handle the pace of soccer.

Ed:  I knew that!

Of course you did.

Ed:  anti-Football is suspenseful!

Yah, just like bridge.  Deal the cards.

Ed:  you don't know how to play bridge!

Of course because the only difference between that and death is it requires conversation.

Hopefully you see why the Rockhouse always attributes articles to specific sources and we never used any so-called 'unnamed sources.'  We leave that kind of amateurism to MSM although we do not understand why people believe it.

Ed:  MSM uses hot babes for newsreaders!

Nah since Megyn Kelly is probably their idea of the hottest and she's not that hot.  That she turns on Ted Nugent is (cough) hardly a recommendation.

We want to see fire in the woman's eyes, mates, but we don't want to see it because she's pissed because we know that's going to hurt and how's it hanging, Wayne Bobbitt.

Note:  we got an answer but it was too short to be worth passing along.

We want the fire but preferably without knives.

Do commit that useful fact about Babe Ruth to memory since there's some whackjob out there who memorizes baseball statistics and he already knows.  You will completely flip his shit if you spit out that li'l tidbit before he does.

Here's another one since if you're not a fat ass loudmouth like Trump, you should be able to whack a golf ball at about 170 mph.  Maybe you can't afford a Ferrari but whacking them with golf balls as they roar past shouldn't be too much of a problem.

Now you know.

Russians may get off on that since they're fed-up to the gills with arrogant richies who rat race with supercars on the public streets as if they own them.

There you go, our ex-Commie friends in Russia; there's your answer for those pricks.  Whack them with golf balls and you can take down a $200K Lambo for the cost of $2.00 golf ball and ain't we got fun.

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