Monday, May 29, 2017

Uncle Sam Anonymous for #MemorialDay

Yep, this is what happened after blowin' some ganja and, amazingly, country music never came near although it kind of did.  TN came near it but only accidentally and I apologized.

The Rockhouse Estimation is 75/25 this will be deemed funny or flip your shit into wild rage.

I was advised privately the vocal for the previous Anonymous videos was difficult to understand and I do validate the audio on this end multiple times through the process of putting it online ... but ... there's no way to know what it will sound like on all systems so the information is valuable and I chucked the vocal effects for this one.

Likely this will do it for the Anonymous series since that mask is a sweaty bitch to wear.  I like the effect but I'm only willing to stay with it for so long and I do believe that point has arrived so this is Anonymous and his 1:45 swan song.

Maybe I should have mentioned I see the most of the gigantic flags on the way to VA but I thought it was overkill.

Some of you may remember the hat and there won't be any trouble guessing who found it.

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