Saturday, May 27, 2017

Montana Didn't Attack Just One Reporter But All of Them

Greg Gianforte celebrates with supporters after being declared the winner in Montana’s special House election Thursday in Bozeman, Montana. 

Photograph: Janie Osborne/Getty Images

Some of the emails expressed horror and shame over the assault on Ben Jacobs in which he was thrown to the ground and punched. But the digital mailbag to our opinion section also contained comments of a very different nature.

The Guardian:  Montana assault breeds 'frightening' talk of violence against journalists

You already know the different nature since that kind of vermin attracts trolls like fleas love rats.

Most likely you know what happened already that the reporter tried to ask him about health care.  Gianforte didn't like that so he threw the reporter the ground, jumped on him, and started punching him.

That kind of attack by a politician on a journalist is rare or nonexistent but the fact that person can get elected after doing it is a shame Montana carries alone.  However, that hostility to reporters exists from coast to coast, in any case.

There are bench neo-journalists who really aren't reporters but rather editorialists with flatulent sense of self.  Jessica Valenti is one example since she's been distorting the news like a German master.  We should be free to punch those hacks any time we feel like but they're not the ones who go out into the field to discover what's really happening.

Those field reporters are under direct threat from the most outrageous violations of the First Amendment America has ever seen.  There's no free speech when the press is censored like it's a military battlefield where the Pentagon tries to hide the civilian body count.

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