Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Yet Another Act of NSA and the Defenestration Program

Defenestration is used when you want justice by throwing people out of windows and we can report it works with neoliberals but we have observed they do not fly too well.

Here's the beauty part since NSA wrote the exploit which was used for the WannaCry attack and now they blame Microsoft for the fact their code existed and could be hacked.

The Rockhouse fucking loves this stuff!  (RT:  Ex-spy chief condemns Microsoft for leaving Windows XP users vulnerable to cyberattacks)

Wow, wow, wow ... your Mama and your various Papas didn't grow you any kind of balls, did it, Mosquito Man.

All together now, let's chant the Washington litany about personal accountability.

Um, where the fuck is it?

© Ben Birchall / Reuters

Photograph of security experts or something ... but ... as we see from the WannaCry exploit, there's no evidence security experts think of anything, particularly not the consequences of the things they do.

A former UK spy chief has hit out at Microsoft for cutting support for its Windows XP system that could have protected public services from massive cyberattacks such as the one that paralyzed the National Health Service (NHS) last week.

In a letter to the Times, Sir David Omand, former head of Britain’s electronic intelligence agency GCHQ, called into question Microsoft’s decision to withdraw its security services for the system in 2014 while private and public sectors around the world still relied on it.

“Should Microsoft have stopped supporting Windows XP so soon, knowing that institutions had invested heavily in it (at the urging of the company at the time)?” Omand queried.

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That simple-minded toady ignores altogether it's too expensive for any corporation to keep other with other simple-minded toadies (typically corporate but pervasively individual) who fail to upgrade their software.  That is far more widespread than you may realize and other articles exist which document my adventures within the bowls of the corporate mainframe world and that type of skinflint recklessness is rampant.  It's the same reason large systems run slowly and the same reason the software often doesn't work.

Ed:  you're agreeing the the state apologist!

Not at all.  The failing is in the corporate attitude toward security which has been ubiquitously lax and weak.  They put tremendous effort into preventing various types of penetration but that's just a load of cynical bollocks when they don't upgrade their software.

It's not just Microsoft but corporations coast to coast and around the world which get hacked repeatedly due to the same problem; people don't upgrade their software and neither do corporations. That makes life a cakewalk for hackers and blaming Microsoft for it is pointless after we have seen how many of the Internet of Things devices have been hacked.  The systemic problem runs much deeper than the kneejerk grandstanding of thugs such as Sir David Omand.

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