Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Zen of Pat Robertson in the White House #News #Philosophy #Religion

There was probably Zen in the White House prayer circle yesterday even though the people engaged in it have no real goals beyond killing anything which is not a Christian.  That doesn't differ significantly from previous White House prayer circles in other administrations so, all in all, your own Zen is best enlightened by staying the fuck away from White House prayer circles.

We do love it when politicians get religious, tho.  It's like Bloom County comes to life before our eyes ... but they always forget the penguin and there are never any daisies.

The Observer has posted some principles about Zen but they aren't rules since Zen has no rules.  The biggest problem for Zen is other religions since adherents to other philosophies typically regard it as a threat but there isn't a conflict.  There's no way Zen can conflict with anything because it lets you throw down pithy epithets such as the enlightenment in your own conflict is its release.

Typically the reaction is WTF did that mean.  They may scratch their heads for a moment and then think, "Fuckin' stoners," and then get on with their busy days ... building weapons 'n buying guns 'n shit.

One of the best things about Zen is you can't convert anyone to it since people must find their own enlightenment and the biggest problem to that is most have no idea what it means but here's the short form.

You have a problem with your motorcycle so you work on it and later you find the enlightenment ... but you still have to finish fixing the fucking bike.

In plain English, that's the Protestant work ethic but without the mumbo jumbo.

Observer:  Five Zen Principles to Live By

There are probably few people more distant from peace than Americans insofar as they can't find it in themselves and nor can they find it anywhere else.  They constantly fight over whether this or that religion is good or bad and, in general, argue about almost everything although without coming to any practical resolution of anything.

We don't need the full diatribe but America has argued about abortion rights for fifty years ... and still has no straight idea where such rights stand.  There are multiple examples of that nature in which Americans are great at creating conflict but are usually exceptionally poor at resolving it.  That type of non-productive conflict is precisely what Zen isn't.

1. Find Your Meditation Technique

2. Enjoy The Moment

3. Happiness Is Closer Than You Think

4. Focus On The Process

5. The Meaning Of Life Is To Be Alive

- Observer

You can read extensively on those matters or read nothing at all and, either way, you will still understand what they mean.  Mystery Lady knows the Zen possibly better than anyone but I'm not aware she has ever studied it and my awareness goes back a long way with her.  Sometimes the current circumstances obfuscate the clarity of the vision but it's still at the root of everything and you just haven't been paying attention if you don't know how she meditates.

Correction:  that's really not fair since you couldn't really know because she doesn't publicize her art.  I have seen a number of her recent works and the meditation behind the spirituality of them is clear to see and feel.

You have heard it repeatedly from the Rockhouse about the Now of things since nothing else can be important when that is not.

Happiness is often where people don't look because they get so obsessed with accumulating things they have almost no chance of happiness because in time the same accumulation only causes more unhappiness because you have to paint it, fix it, or move it somewhere else, etc.

Focus has been thundered, oh, a billion times or so since you won't play any instrument beyond a cow bell without it and even that one takes focus as well or you will only sound like an idiot with it.

And then we get to the Meaning of Life ... but it doesn't take any more to understand it than the Observer wrote already.

Ed:  so Zen really just talks in circles which never go anywhere

That's not true, Cynical Man, since you have seen it play on Ithaka.  Music has been the Meditation, the Moment, the Happiness, and the Focus for much of my life but playing hasn't been working out all that well lately so the Meditation reveals the appropriate Focus for this Moment is in writing to find the Happiness or, more accurately, making the Happiness in fulfillment of the Meaning.

When you hear a young man asking if he can share a few words about Jesus, you know he's only going to waste your time because children don't know much of anything and he will go off to play Pokemon after he has served God for a time.

An old man has had a whole lot more time to think about it and one thing you never hear from the Rockhouse is whether we can share a few words about Jesus.  The Regulars have seen it multiple times that the perception of Creation at the Rockhouse means all religions are valid.

We don't want conflict; we want peace.

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