Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The Upside-Down Flag, Jill Abramson, and the Damn Cow Keeps Jumping Over the Moon #Politics #MSM

Salon advises us on true patriotism because how would we know without poser liberals to say it.  (Salon:  An act of true patriotism: Fly the American flag upside down this Fourth of July)

Independence Day is America’s birthday. This July 4 will be the first with Donald Trump as president of the United States. The country is in distress. Donald Trump and the Republican Party are largely responsible.

They are trying to impose a “health care” bill that can reasonably be called a crime against humanity. It is likely to kill tens of thousands of Americans each year and leave millions more sick, suffering, miserable, homeless, in pain or in financial ruin.

- Salon

That's it?  That's your fucking protest?  Gandhi's march to the salt works resulted in horrendous beatings for all who participated and his people never responded in kind.  If you fly a flag upside-down, all that's likely to happen is some bozo may honk his car horn and call you an asshole.  That commitment is impressive ... really.

Ed:  it's a literary device, a symbol ...

It's jingoistic crap pretending to be something else.  Their state is better than this state and the People always come out winners behind that, right?

The Rockhouse is sick to death of slick motherfuckers trying to rub patriotism in our faces even when they wouldn't know if it bit them on their copious backsides.

Celebrate Cinco de Julio on which we don't need no stinkin' fireworks, we loathe marching bands, and we're absolutely revolted by the disgusting shit they put into hot dogs.  We come for the music.

Ed:  and the reefer?

We have the reefer, mate.  It's the music we're seeking.  Cinco de Julio!

Fox News presented the story about Salon and see above about slick motherfuckers telling us about patriotism when all they show us is a bunch of rich bitch talking heads who never did shit for anyone.  If that's patriotism, who the fuck needs it.  (Fox:  Liberal website urges Americans to fly flag upside down)

They're lying up and down with this since Salon is spewing the typical polarized bullshit placing all fault on Republicans while still passing off Hillary Clinton as Mary Poppins.  Elevating the pitch to crimes against humanity demonstrates nothing so much as their selective focus on that which constitutes such a thing.  They're still trying to pass off Obama as a saint after he bombed hospitals multiple times and minimized American troop deaths but only by a masquerade in which he committed his murderous savagery with drone bombs instead.

Jill Abramson is doing largely the same thing and we can always count on her for something vacuous about the situation.  (The Guardian:  Billionaires dream of immortality. The rest of us worry about healthcare)

Both of us agreed we do not wish for immortality, though we are both extremely happy with our lives and healthy. Wanting to live forever is fundamentally selfish. It’s obvious why immortality appeals to billionaires like Peter Thiel. It obviously wouldn’t to the millions in the US who won’t have health insurance if the Republicans pull out the vote on their bill.

- Guardian

As to whether immortality is selfish, it really doesn't make much sense unless you consider such research to be mutually-exclusive with any other aspect of the government's largesse.  In other words, it's bloody rubbish.

Flying to Mars is another billionaire's dream and it's selfish too because who the fuck needs to look at rocks that much.  These people are so flat and simple you could make frying pans out of them ... and I do wish you would.

How the fuck does she know what's in a billionaire's dreams as she's only guessing to make a vague point we have had hammered at us as many times as you must be patriotic for no apparent reason.

Abramson has taken the standard path of second-raters to make it about personalities in slashing Peter Thiel while ignoring altogether the fact Obama did nothing to raise the tax rates which had been slashed for the rich by previous administrations.  Clinton talked vaguely of the matter but there was never anything substantive to it.  The fact remains, the tax rates didn't change and the problem remains the system while the posers focus relentlessly on personalities.

Welcome to immersive journalism and it's still not worth a bucket of pigshit in trade.

Ed:  you're talking about personalities now!

Immersive journalism makes that inevitable, mate.  They demand it and why do you suppose they put their names up as bylines in fonts with large point sizes.

Liberals have zero interest in flying the flag upside-down but we do want it to mean something a whole lot more than can be observed from the Hollywood Squares pundits who keep trying to blow us off with the right way despite showing little evidence of any clue of it.

Ed:  what about the cow?

Abramson.  She keeps trying to jump over the Moon but she just can't fuckin' do it.

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