Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Space Corps Goes to Infinity ... or Something #Science #Space #Politics

Disclaimer:  article (surprisingly) does not bash Donald Trump and that's part of why it's newsworthy.

It is unlikely, however, that Space Corps will come into being just yet, as the Senate's version of the NDAA has no such provision for it

US lawmakers on Friday advanced a defense bill that includes a provision to establish a new branch of the military—dubbed "Space Corps"—that would focus on space operations.

The space force measure has met stiff resistance from the Trump administration, which says there's no need to establish another tier of military bureaucracy.

But proponents and some lawmakers see the military's space assets and its massive reliance on satellites as needing a stand-alone branch to protect and monitor them.  To infinity and beyond? US lawmakers advance 'Space Corps' plans

The topic is interesting for its own sake but first the Rockhouse needs to throw a proud salute to for the Worst Science Title Ever.  "Infinity and Beyond" would have been too cheesy even for pulp sci fi in the Fifties.

Trump's opposition is surprising since we saw VP Mike Pence going rooty toot toot for the Space Force a few days ago but he's just a rooty toot toot kind of man anyway.

The Rockhouse doesn't know who said what and we don't like playing Three Card Monty with who might have given up whichever soundbite.  We do know the dog and pony show Mike Pence gave up for the Space Force but we only see there's generic opposition after that.

Who actually opposes the Space Force doesn't matter all that much since it's a surprise anyone in the Trump White House will oppose it.

Now it really starts to smell:

The huge National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) spending bill, approved by the House of Representatives on Friday, includes an amendment that would create a Space Corps by taking functions currently under the Air Force and placing these in a separate command.

It is unlikely, however, that Space Corps will come into being just yet, as the Senate's version of the NDAA has no such provision.

- PO

Maybe you recall one of Obama's great gifts to civil rights was approving the capability through the NDAA of indefinite detention of American citizens with neither charge nor specification and in specific conflict with the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  (WIKI:  National Defense Authorization Act)

The wisdom in empowering that lot with a Space Force just twinkles like the stars in the midnight sky over Fiji.

Ed:  what do you know of stars over Fiji?

I think I might have seen them but, wtf, I get unstuck in time quite a bit.

And Pentagon chief Jim Mattis made his feelings known in a letter to a congressman this week.

"At a time when we are trying to integrate the department's joint warfighting functions, I do not wish to add a separate service that would likely present a narrower and even parochial approach to space operations," Mattis wrote to Congressman Michael Turner, who is also against the creation of Space Corps.

- RT

When even the Mad Dog doesn't want it, surmising it's a Bad Idea seems likely to be accurate.

In English, that sounds like, "Keep those CIA criminals out of my War Room."

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