Thursday, July 13, 2017

Tactical Abort on the E.R. for Day 2 or so

There's another abort on the E.R. and the cover story is the heat which works because it's true but there's more to everything.  There's no complex problem to solve but rather it's life doing what it does and that's all we need since we don't want details.  The information is that it can be solved but it isn't solved yet.

Don't get any sense of urgency since nothing changes quickly; it's just a drag ... but ... I'm good at those.

Mystery Lady will likely remember the Robo Torture Machine the best since it was a home unit and I would get strapped into this thing so it could use its torture motor to exercise my shoulder to push its limits of motion.  It would move my arm away from my body so it could move the upper and lower arm individually while it changed the rotation and elevation.  Keep doing that.  I'll be back in an hour.

Note 1:  don't read that as ML inflicting anything or being uncaring about the treatment.  That summary was the only the way it plays in effect.

Note 2:  that type of therapy was NOT required after the shoulder was replaced.  At the time this was happening, the shoulder had been obliterated and medicos had done what they could to stick it back together again.  I have reason to be grateful for various things but the inability to remember the pain from that is one of the favorites.

It took about eighteen years to find a doctor competent enough to know what needed to be done given newer technology and then the shoulder was replaced.  It has been relatively stable ever since although still not at all with a full range of motion.

ML said another option I had not considered is them putting me on oxygen with the obvious consequence I either quit smoking anything immediately or become an instant roman candle.

For my sneaky compromise thought on that is the option is viable since it means switching to nicotine gum because cigarettes have to disappear permanently but switching off the oxygen at times to spark up a spliff.  That carries a tobacco payload but the nicotine didn't stop, only the smoke.

If you have ever smoked, you know the lie:  your lungs hurt but smoke me and they will feel better.  I love you.

Obviously it's bullshit but it has unbelievable strength and more than I have ever mustered to beat it.

That scenario is altogether different from reefer which has nothing to do with making your lungs feel better, making yourself feel good, or anything of that nature.  Some view the transcendental aspect as a euphoria and well they might but that applies to any kind of meditative state in more or less equal measure.  In any case, it's not the same thing as with nicotine.

Whether any of this is consistent with fighting for life really doesn't even mean anything to me.  I see fighting for life as walking or doing anything which doesn't involve simply sitting about metabolizing.  ML and I did a whole lot of hard laboring, sweating in the sun kind of work to landscape the yard and that was fighting for life even when neither of us probably thought of it that way.

There's a whole lot of fighting for life which has nothing to do with hospitals.  The reason both of us are still barking is likely a lot due to that.

Ed:  this Zen rot isn't going to stop, is it?

Everything seems to stop when you catch up to the same speed.

Ed:  I'm warning you.  I've got water balloons and I'm willing to use them.

It's going to be 97F out there.  Bring them.

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