Thursday, July 13, 2017

Oh, So You're One of Those

So you're the kind of person who carries your sunglasses around in a case so the groundlings think they were more stupidly-expensive than they really were.

You're so sane
You probably think you are genteel
You're so sane
You probably think this owl is real
Don't you
Don't you

- Carl the Pieman

Abbot:  how can I call the Pieman?  He's already here.

Costello:  shut up, Bud

Costello:  (to the audience) that gag won't make sense in Brit.  It only makes sense in American.

Abbot:  and not much sense there

Costello:  shut up, Bud

There's some Anthropology for the watchin' on Ithaka since there's an article about generosity and people have been tentative with that one possibly with the thought there's some kind of lambasting coming out of such a discussion and there's a bit more interest in sleeping better when your grandparents sleep nearby.  We probably don't like the idea of the latter so much but likely it's not so surprising to people.

There's another on the Zen which may be somewhat creepy to people even when there isn't a reason for that feeling.  It also doesn't conflict with your religion unless you're a fundamentalist in which case probably just about everything conflicts with your religion.  The Rockhouse doesn't like fundamentalists since that kind of obstinacy we can learn from a mule ... and the mule will probably listen better.

None of these were intended as experiments but they can be interesting to observe and I was surprised the Generosity article wasn't kicking up more dust but that aspect is unpredictable.

Hopefully y'all are as happy as sea turtles today.

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