Wednesday, July 19, 2017

"Say What You Will for Fate" #Poetry

There are sprites in every direction
and I don't want to choose
since picking any one of them
only means I lose
There's Rote Zora, Rote Flora
or call it what you will
and there's G20, 420
so I still can't find a thrill

They say dust storms are coming
even worse than they were before
and epigenetic redistribution
is not just the economy anymore
They can create music by thinking
they make magic just by blinking
it swirls in twisted circles
but the Lady is just winking

They look like games of words
but all of them are true
and then you say, "So what?
What's it to do with you?"
But these sprites are more than ghosts
more than whimsies from a dream
they have such enormous powers
and they're exactly what they seem

Say what you will for Fate
but that Lady will come calling
and presenting her with chaos
leaves an inevitable befalling
You must do the Choosing
since you will do the Losing
but you can make it all come true
and it's really up to you

- Colonel Arbuthnot Jones

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