Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Niner Niner Degrees in Fort Worth and Headed for One Zero Three

In English that means no fuckin' way am I going outside but I already did ... twice.  Market guilt set into the vibe and there's no beating that one since nothing else will get it done.  The second foray was because I forgot the toilet paper on the first and that can't happen.  Making it my responsibility isn't gender subservience since I look at it as playing the Battle of the Sexes to break even.

A bit of dalliance in the hellish heat is more than sufficient to push any higher-minded intentions to the level of a Die Hard movie then subsequently lower.  "Die Hard with a Vengeance" is doing fine just now, thank you very much.

I do actually have some higher-minded intentions since there are some Hmmm articles which don't involve LEDs, robos, or anything which beeps.  One of them is the question of a biological driver for self-fulfillment.  That sounds dry like a sand milkshake but there could be some good telling in it.

It may also sound like a scam for a lofty pitch that only artists are capable of self-actualization or something of that nature but it's actually the reverse of that.  It really could be a good telling.

That will keep until some higher purpose materializes in me but (cough), thus far, it hasn't.  Meanwhile, Bruce Willis and Samuel Jackson kill that movie and even mix in some exceptional statements on equality.

Earlier I was fretting it a tad that I'm not producing enough but that goes to the same thing which has come up with CM and ML, that pushing is all very well but not so much that anyone blows a valve.

Ding, ding, ding ... the temperature just hit one zero zero degrees.  Now if that ain't more fun than an armadillo race, what is.

Ed:  how much fun is that?

I dunno since I have never even heard of an armadillo race but if they're racing anywhere then for sure it's around here.

Ed:  why should they race?  What's the incentive?

It's the same as with human racers:  a female or, in the cases of armadillos who are so inclined, a male.

It's like racing greyhounds except they don't chase a rabbit; the armadillos chase a female armadillo.  Visualize those armadillo antics and what great fun for the whole family.

What say we set up an armadillo track down there by the Formula 1 track near Dallas so aficionados can see some F1 racing and some armadillo racing all in the same gala weekend.

I'm tellin' you, mates, this could make millions.  We could set up an Armadillo NASCAR and people could buy t-shirts to show support for their favorite armadillo racers.

Ed:  stick with the Die Hard movie

I do believe I shall.


Anonymous said...

Any outside work plans are put on hold. The agenda is to read from that stack of books with shades drawn, AC blasting, and lemon ice water by my side..and Joy of course!

Peas InOurThyme said...

Excellent plan and excellent news!

Sorry about the slow response but everything is kind of slow lately with triple digits staying generally constant. There's only one answer: SCREW THAT!

The AC does get it done and I'm more likely to be cold than hot with a blanket for sleeping since, wtf, old people shouldn't be seen naked, well, anywhere (larfs). It's not for decorum, tho, since I would be cold or at least not a comfortable temperature otherwise.

Sometimes I'll go for Tarzan coverage and that is for decorum but otherwise I want that blanket to cover up. Ha!