Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Will Chelsea Handler or the Blue Whale Challenge Finally Bury the Internet

The Internet hasn't had much going for it what with selfies of Kim Kardashian's ass growing at about the same rate as Facebook and for the same reason.  Meanwhile, the CIA has poisoned every network router from here to Outer Mongolia so there's a strong smell of fish just going near the Internet now.

Chelsea Handler is one of the most enthusiastic about hysteria over Russia and she probably still has those glorious and widely-famed nipples but there doesn't appear to be much of a brain driving them.

Ed:  nipples don't need brains!

Of course they do, if for no other reason than to prevent them from bumping into things which definitely don't have brains (e.g. teenage boys).  Currently Chelsea Handler's bent for Russian hysteria is bumping hard into her own intellectual turgidity and you know that's got to hurt.

Most twisted of all there's the Blue Whale Challenge which is identified as a mysterious online conspiracy to convince kids to commit suicide.  (CNN:  Texas Parents Say Deadly ‘Blue Whale’ Online Challenge Led to the Suicide of Their 15-Year-Old Son)

Because the game is secretive, it’s hard to discern how large it has become, who the victims are, or how real it is. But one Atlanta family said they believe the game also led to the suicide of a 16-year-old girl, they told CNN this week.

In Russia, where the challenge is thought to have gained popularity on the social network, VKontakte, the game has been reportedly linked to the deaths of 130 teens, though this has not been verified. Sky News spoke with a 20-year-old student who said his parents stopped him before he leapt from a 20-story building in Moscow as part of the game. “They start psychologically manipulating you. It is very professionally done,” the student, Oleg Kapaev, said. “You become a bit of a zombie.”

Now that talk of the game appears to be spreading in the U.S., schools and police departments are warning parents. The Massachusetts Sun Chronicle reports that local school officials emailed parents this month to inform them about the “Blue Whale Challenge,” and the Miami Police Department recently uploaded a “Social Media 101” video to Facebook that asks parents to monitor their child’s online activities closely.


Police are trying to warn people but about fucking what?  There's not a single concrete fact in that spiel except zombie boy who sounds like he was a zombie already.

No doubt there are many young people who see nothing but hopelessness in the future and that's not surprising when there's little other than fearmongering coming out of MSM and Washington.  However the manifestation of that anomie is vastly worse in other ways (e.g. heroin and meth epidemics) yet CNN has time to piss around with this kind of Alex Jones crap.  It's yet more doom and gloom since it implies parents may be nearly powerless in trying to stop or remove the causes for suicides in their own kids so the Rockhouse sees nothing more than journalistic hatefulness for profit.

If you want kids to hang about for the long game, there has to be a future people are trying to make happen.  Kids will get all over it if they believe it.  This isn't bullshit and the Rockhouse has posted one article after the other in which highly-motivated young people are doing spectacular science specifically to make a better world.  You never hear about them on CNN but you do hear about the Blue Whale Challenge so you tell me their motive.

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