Tuesday, July 11, 2017

#Photography for the Beautiful 7/12

PĂ©rigueux, France

Supporters stand behind placards reading ‘Long live the Tour!’ from their balcony as they wait for the start of the 110-mile 10th stage of the Tour de France cycling race between PĂ©rigueux and Bergerac

Photograph: Philippe Lopez/AFP/Getty Images

It may not seem so objectively beautiful but there's such a wonderful vibe which comes from everywhere when Le Tour comes to town.

Belfast, UK

Loyalists finish a bonfire in East Belfast in preparation for the 11th night celebrations in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Tradition holds that the bonfires commemorate the lighting of fires on the hills to help Williamite ships navigate through Belfast Lough at night when Protestant King William III and his forces landed at Carrickfergus to fight the Catholic Jacobites

Photograph: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

When we celebrate something we do love to start a fire ... or many.  Maybe this recalls Bonfire Night in Sydney when there was so much smoke from the fires it closed the airport.

London, UK

Is winter coming already? The Night King and White Walkers march through Oxford Circus to promote the forthcoming Game Of Thrones TV season

Photograph: Tim P Whitby/Getty Images

Presumably the Game of Thrones involves the Undead but in some way it's beautiful ... surely.

Herat, Afghanistan

Policemen pour fuel over jerry cans containing confiscated acetic acid before setting it alight. Some 15,000 litres of acetic acid, often mixed with heroin, were destroyed by counter-narcotics police

Photograph: Hoshang Hashimi/AFP/Getty Images

This is another which may not seem so objectively beautiful but check out what they're burning.

Harbin, China

The sea of flowers attracts visitors in Harbin, capital of the north-eastern Heilongjiang province

Photograph: Xinhua/Barcroft Images

Good luck on trying to get even a tiny idea of how many flowers must be in those garden beds.

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