Wednesday, July 12, 2017

#News on a Nailhead 7/13

Big Pharma and irresponsible manufacture of opioids takes a substantive hit.  (RT:  US v. opioid manufacturer: First settlement reached over pills on black market)

Note:  while impressive, the Rockhouse wants to hear a bipartisan roar of Not Bloody Good Enough to Big Pharma and it needs to be national to be clear we won't tolerate their irresponsibility anymore; they must manufacture according to medical need rather than business opportunity.

Police work in Decatur to show everything that's wrong with the American police force in one video.  (RT:  ‘Let it go or I’m gonna shoot you’: Cop caught beating homeless woman on camera (GRAPHIC VIDEO))

Hyperloop One has just completed a full-scale test and welcome to the Future.  (RT:  Hyperloop startup moves closer to near-supersonic rail)

Heimat bought marijuana cigarettes to market faster than Marlboro and they're selling just fine in Switzerland.  (RT:   Cannabis cigarettes to hit Swiss supermarkets)

Britain takes the standard approach to evils committed by the government by classifying them so the people don't know for sure.  (RT:  Condemnation as govt bans report into who funds Britain’s extremists)

Corporate Democrats aren't much for ethics but they are hell on wheels in the race to the bank.  (Observer:  Former DNC Interim Chair Donna Brazile Cashes in After Helping Clinton Win Primaries)

Amazon will build near Orlando and that should do wonders for retail across the country.  (Observer: Amazon to build fulfillment center employing 1,500 near Orlando airport)

Losing groundwater due to climate change is one way it happens but another is by pumping out the Ogallala Aquifer.  (  Groundwater pumping drying up Great Plains streams, driving fish extinctions)

It looks like the TSA will be a casualty of the Age of Robos ... and we just can't stop laughing.  (Science Daily:  Automated security kiosk could alleviate travel, border woes)

If not for RBS and its criminal ways, it might appear an honorable bank by now.  (RT:  RBS to pay $5.5bn fine over US loan misselling scandal)

The Russian Hack Fantasy is further confirmed to be rubbish by the way the information was extracted from the DNC.  (RT:  New analysis suggests Guccifer 2.0 files copied locally, not hacked by Russia)

The Democrats DO have a wild card and perhaps someone could apprise the Observer of that fact since Bernie Sanders was doing fine until Clinton ratfucked him.  (Observer:  To Dump Trump in 2020, Democrats Need a Wild Card)

Note:  additional wild cards are Tulsi Gabbard and Nina Turner.

Making a mindless wordplay look like a cogent analysis of policy.  (Observer:  Trump, Russia, America and Putin Spell ‘TRAP’)

Theresa May is reminded money can't buy you love, particularly from Jeremy Corbyn.  (RT:  Corbyn trolls May’s call for cross-party collaboration by sending autographed Labour manifesto)

Of course conservatives love higher education when they're holding a couple of trillion in paper from all the student loans.  (RT:   Conservatives Don’t Hate Higher Education—They Hate That It’s Liberal)

The robo knows American Sign Language for one of the coolest Age of Robos things yet.  ( Low-cost smart glove wirelessly translates the American Sign Language alphabet into text)

Chelsea Manning was imprisoned for seven years for bringing you this truth and has been vilified ever since for it.  (RT:  ‘Collateral Murder’: 10th anniversary of infamous airstrike that exposed US cover-up (VIDEO))

Some ridiculous news about the Forefathers and it looks like it's probably true.  (Observer:  Nine of the Stupidest, Most Hilarious Blunders of the Founding Fathers)

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