Sunday, July 16, 2017

Macworld Gives Comprehensive Summary of MacOS High Sierra Features #Apple #Safari

Credit: Apple

Improvements to the iMac are about all Apple has done for desktop computers for years and there's no intention to disparage the iMac since it is definitely a well-designed piece of hardware; I'm using one now.  However, upgrades to MacOS have been rather less than spectacular for some years.

Maybe the first question is whether my 2013 iMac will run High Sierra and it looks like any Apple system from 2010 forward will support it plus a few earlier models from 2009.  Note:  clarified in the source article.

The Rockhouse is highly-interested in High Sierra because this is the autoplay video killer, one of the most keenly-anticipated improvements in Web browsers in years.  Safari under High Sierra stops the plague of autoplay videos cold and with excellent flexibility regarding offending Web sites.

However, that's only one aspect of a comprehensive upgrade to MacOS and in much more than features which tie the Desktop closer to iOS which I still don't recall anyone requesting.  In this release, likely available in October, there are multiple features which directly improve usability for Desktop systems.

Macworld:  macOS High Sierra: Features, release info, system requirements, and more

The interested Mac user is invited to the source article since retyping that which they already wrote serves no particular purpose.  However, I can tell you for sure it's not just about iOS and this time it's hardly even mentioned.  SIRI tries to pop into it but that saucy little cabbage tries to pop into everything, doesn't she.

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