Friday, July 21, 2017

"God Will Be My Wheelman" #Poetry

They started out inquisitive
but ended up acquisitive
and now they're really positive
this is the Golden Path
Behold the riches I collected
even my bed clothes are in gold
This is the one true path to Heaven
or so I have been told

God will be my wheelman
when I'm sailing on my yacht
He says, "Come on, King Croesus,
let's see what you've got."
But I have this and many things
and we can play with them all day
I'm dying to see him drive my cars
just to hear what he will say

Later God can see my pad
to look out to Manhattan
where we can watch his people
as they slowly start to fatten
since they reaped what they had sown
and all else besides
but now their world just streams them through
in pointless, churning tides

In solipsistic sophistry
all the rambling betides
a Golden Path to Heaven
but there is a great divide
for the ones in tidal churning
there won't be any smallest thing
since only the Glitterati
will ever hear the angels sing

- Colonel Arbuthnot Jones

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