Saturday, July 15, 2017

Five Tech Tips for Unplugging on Vacation #Science

The source article was presented as science since it came to us from but the thing characterizing it more than anything else is science out of control.  Five tech tips for unplugging on vacation

They take multiple paragraphs to describe managing your cellphone but the Rockhouse is not clear why the cellphone didn't go into the luggage until it was time to return home.

Disable email - what kind of a zero answers email on vacation ... or even looks at it

Also, disable alerts - there's another (cough) handy tip

Remove calendars from your phone - the calendar is for marking time until the vacation; it's not for marking time until you go back

Set up a solid out-of-office message - whew, wouldn't have thought of that one

Use airplane mode - tease yourself ... why not

They do have one useful suggestion even if it's for a dumb reason.

Get a real camera. If you can, bring along a real camera. That's right, one of the old-school versions that's separate from your phone. Taking a photo is often why we reach for our smartphone, which too easily translates to just refreshing a website or checking in with a text.

- PO

An external camera will almost invariably deliver better-quality images than a cellphone but who wants that hassle on a dream vacation, huh.

I would do everything I could to get as distant as possible from work and everything else on a vacation and it's remarkable that people now seem to need a primer on how to live like that.  Go somewhere, turn off the toys, and enjoy yourself.  That doesn't seem it should be such a difficult thing.

This generation is lost, my brothers and sisters.  They will go to Cozumel ... and play Pokemon on their phones.

Ed:  did you ever go to Cozumel?

Nope but everyone I know who went there loved it.  Mostly they were swimming, sometimes with dolphins, so any cellphones they may have been carrying (sob) did not survive.

Note:  that sounds like I know a horde who went to Cozumel but the number is probably about five or six ... none of whom have working cellphones now (sob).


Anonymous said...

One does not need to eliminate tech on vacation just leave work behind.
Fairy Princess and I play Pokemon all over.As there are some Pokemon that are specific to certain countries. We find it very relaxing.
Funny that you list Cozumel as we played there. But spent more time in the water as it truly defines the word azure.
We take a very nice Nikon that we take for some shots but mostly using phone cameras as the quality of the pictures is quite nice, certainly better than my ability to take great pictures. And hauling a bulky camera bag and lenses us not always relaxing
The key is relaxing.
I will use the Nikon for pictures of the new lights at Niagara Falls but almost all of the pictures with those with me will be on a phone camera.
But I won't have calendar updates or emails I do use airplane mode on airplanes but since they have Wi-Fi that is becoming fairly rare. But we don't consider the vacation started til the plane lands. Because I fly cattle call coach so it isn't very relaxing

Peas InOurThyme said...

Making that deal isn't a problem. So long as work doesn't come with you then it's a real holiday ... but I still don't like cellphones (larfs).

Part of that is from living the worst of the worst in which I had cellphones hammering at me constantly ... so now I think more of blowing them up than anything else.

Not to drift too much ... working on holiday is a deep, dark tar pit. Extremely bad juju in that.

Anonymous said...

Cellphones have off switched.
Cellphones are your GPS, restaurant consultant camera notepad etc etc etc.
So don't answer work and they are quite useful

Peas InOurThyme said...

I'm a little bit sympathetic since people can contrive reasons to require them but it's difficult to stay away from the work content if you use any of those other features.

For my own tastes, I like the confusion in being somewhere I don't know. If I don't know where I'm going and I usually don't then I'll (gasp) have to ask someone. That goes all the way back to Fiji which was so fantastic because, wow, I don't understand ANYTHING here. I love that.

I know it's all about different strokes but I'd hate like hell to lose that vibe.