Sunday, July 2, 2017

Who Is the Adult in Washington #Politics #Entertainment

The premise in the headline is Congress is looking for adult leadership and therefore is taking back power from the White House.  Naturally, our first question at the Rockhouse is which one in Congress is the adult.  (CNN:  How Congress is taking back power from Trump on national security)

We have heard quite a bit from Congress lately about mandatory reduction of the costs of medical insurance but there's never, ever, been any mention of a cut to the socialist benefits members of Congress receive from their coverage.  There may be some adulthood in that but, frankly, it's going past us.

So we wonder ... who is the adult?

"I think it's sinking in, especially with Republican members of Congress, that they are not getting the kind of adult leadership out of the White house that would allow you to give deference to the White House," said Mieke Eoyang, a national security analyst at Third Way and former congressional aide. "So you see Congress stepping up to take a much more aggressive role on national security for the first time in a very long time."


WTF!  That yokel is just a fuckin' clerk ... but he's not being presented as the adult; he just knows there's adult leadership somewhere.  It's just not him.

Ed:  what was he saying after the adult leadership part?

He fell apart to give us some spectacularly inconsequential babble.  Maybe that's econobabble since there's more of it but there's still nothing in it but bubbles.

Management of War Powers in Washington is something which comes back at not quite the same frequency as the babble about Daylight Savings Time but definitely with the same redundancy and effect since we know what will come of this, don't we, my brothers and sisters.

Ed:  absolutely nothing

Roger that

Ed:  you can't stop since we don't know who is the adult?

I don't think they're going to tell us, mates.  If the adult is in the source article, he or she is well-hidden.

We know the adult isn't in Maine since he took the more than ample leadership of Chris Christie in New Jersey and he shut down his state as well.

Ed:  how will you know adult leadership when you see it, Ganja Monkey?

Oh, don't you worry about that.  We will recognize it.

It's just possible you may know this fellow.

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