Saturday, July 15, 2017

The World is Screwed and We're All Going to Die ... Woe, Woe is Me ... Take the Bear ... Please

My arch-conservative friend thinks there's no way to salvage the situation and the economy so likely the world will collapse into ruinous physical and spiritual corruption (in the Biblical sense of the word).

On considering that further, the Rockhouse perceives a self-justifying cynicism since that attitude means manifesting a rapacious demand on whatever remains of the Earth is alright since it's fucked anyway.

There's a similar play happening with the pallid plastic pundits of this new age since they like theorizing about a post-truth world.  On the surface it appears they critique the horror of passing a time when truth mattered but, in effect, it permits them to write whatever ridiculous bullshit they like and get away with it.

And they get paid for it.

Can you beat that for a quarter?

There's so much confusion being deliberately spread, the Rockhouse saw it was time to see the Yogi.

Booboo:  I'm afraid of dying, Yogi

Yogi:  are you dying now, Booboo?

Booboo:  no, Yogi

Yogi:  so why are you afraid of doing something you are not doing, Booboo?

Note:  Zen Yogi Bear appears courtesy of Hanna-Barbera but without a hint of permission.

The primary product from the CIA is confusion and they've made such a yeoman job of it around the world which the Have Nots mostly just watch while now the Can't Buy a Thrill Centrists laud the FBI and the CIA like they're the vision of the Virgin Mary singing "My Heart Will Go On."

Fuckin' hell, mates; these people are lunatics.

Ed:  you were better off with the Yogi

Everyone is better off with the Yogi, mate.

There are princes and prophets
with their preachers and pawns
their dance is relentless
and surely stops in the morn
but still they continue
and dance 'til they drop
they have lost any sense
they can will it to stop

- Colonel Arbuthnot Jones

WIKI:  Dancing mania

Yogi:  do you have a fear of falling out of an aeroplane?

Not since I stopped flying, Yogi.

Yogi:  do you have a fear of being covered in lemon custard and then walking naked into a nursing home?

Booboo:  I am afraid of that, Yogi

Yogi:  shut up, Booboo

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