Thursday, July 13, 2017

"Gimme Some Funk" | Beverly "Guitar" Watkins | Rick Fowler Band | Athens, Ga. 11/30/13

Thanks to Lotho for an excellent tip on Beverly Watkins who is apparently in her eighties and she sure isn't playing nursing homes.

Can your grandmother do this?

Thanksgiving weekend at The Melting Point in Athens, Ga. 

This is the last song of the evening, the result of my trying to finish the show without having to change the battery/memory and failing. She's just ripping it on the solo - great tone.

This was the best blues in Ga. on a Saturday night - great venue, enthusiastic audience, and authentic musicians. Rick's band is an impressive complement for Beverly.

Rick Fowler - gtr, vcl.  Michael Doke - slide gtr.  Deane Quinter - drums.  Greg Veale - bass, vcl.  Tim White - Hammond.  Beverly "Guitar" Watkins - gtr, vcl.

- YouTube

In this one she talks to you about those blues.

What an exceptionally amazing lady and she started out as the only female guitarist in the state of Georgia.  Look at her now.  It's incredible.


Anonymous said...

Saw her on the Steve Harvey evening show. An 81yr old super muscular lady too!

Peas InOurThyme said...

Ain't she the jammin' old lady!