Monday, June 19, 2017

What's Hot on the Blog 6/19


On the Age - w/guest commentary from Kannafoot to represent for the Right

Bravissimo - she did an outstanding job of the interview with Alex Jones after being vilified for even attempting it which results in a Rockhouse hat tip for bravery under heavy fire

How Do - the Socialist Left doesn't want a chaotic turnover in the evolution to the inevitable restructuring of society and only radical solutions solve radical problems so here's the offering

Coal - not a flogging over the environmental impact which is good since you already know it but he does go into the background of the industry where it smells extremely bad ... but he does make it funny

Telicherry - said to be the finest grade of Tellicherry Peppercorns humans can obtain and for not much money ... I must know

Amazon's - there's tremendous fear just now regarding Amazon's purchase of Whole Foods but it's symptomatic of the overall evolution but we adjust because humans are excellent at that

All - Senator starts out straight up for two consecutive points and then does a nose dive into the meat locker

Beautiful Car - high-end vehicles with limited audiences and severely limited likely durability

What's Hot

Thoughts - funny to see this one still plays and it's got to be Opus

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