Wednesday, June 21, 2017

How About a Nice Cup of Radioactive Goodness with Your Dogma #Politics

You may never find a better example of the patent absurdity of gamesmanship / brinkmanship with Russia.

Samples of fuel assemblies (FA) TVS-2M (VVER-1000) and TVS-Kvadrat (PWR-900) manufactured by JSC Novosibirsk Chemical Concentrate Plant. 

© Alexandr Kryazhev / Sputnik

Russia’s nuclear fuel company has launched production of fuel assemblies for a nuclear reactor in the US. The first test batch of fuel assemblies is scheduled to be delivered to the US in 2019, a senior company official has said.

“A contract on test-industrial operations with one of the US [nuclear power plants] operators is already signed, and we’ll deliver test batch of TVS-KVADRAT fuel assemblies in 2019,” TVEL's Senior VP for Commerce and International Business, Oleg Grigoriev, told reporters at a news conference during the Atomexpo-2017 forum on Tuesday.

TVEL has already received all the necessary documents from the US plant operator enabling the company to adopt Russian fuel for the US reactor.

RT:   Russia to deliver test batch of nuclear fuel to US reactor in 2019

What do you know since apparently Russian nuclear materials won't be delivered by military bombers but rather by a cargo ship.

Mates, would you buy that for a quarter?

Notwithstanding all the ludicrous and disingenuous imitations of oratory in the Senate, America is building nuclear power plants in concert with Russia and has been all the while.

The Rockhouse has no problem with building nuke plants so long as the waste materials are stored properly but that's not the case in America right now and deliberately so because of overt Luddism to prevent it.  Shipping nuclear waste via train or truck to stable long-term storage sites (e.g. Yucca Mountain) was made tactically impractical due to the opposition so those producing the waste stored it on-site by the various reactor facilities and now it leaks.  Such a surprise.


Anonymous said...

Maybe the Japanese could do the site development.

Peas InOurThyme said...

Unlike the Japanese, I doubt the Russkis will want a part of a site which is in a flood plain. I don't have a problem with Chernobyl in the Russki past since that was an extremely old design and they made a mess out of it. The only other time for an event of that magnitude was in Fukashima but the nukes didn't fail so much as poor planning by those who located them at that place. I really don't have any particular concern about the reactors so long as the waste is disposed properly and we know that's not true now.

Anonymous said...

I have a problem with reactors that meltdown.
How do the Russians get a pass on the worst reactor disaster in history.
And you admit it was a bad design and they handled it badly.
Disposing of the waste is a huge issue that is not close to being solved
A half life of 24000 years. Eventually you will run out of space.
Can we dig these deep deposits in your back yard? Maybe the deposits can replace the space left from fracking.
Nuclear would be a very short term answer. And each reactor a life cycle of 50 or so years. Maybe stretch tnat to 70 years Then the site is useless

Peas InOurThyme said...

Whether Chernobyl was the worst is arguable relative to Fukashima but it's a pointless argument since both were massive failures.

The Yucca Mountain reserve is deliberately obstructed by transport regulations even when it provides that which current storage does not and the halflife doesn't particularly concern me since humans only thought up how to do this within the last century so twenty-four thousand years gives ample time to come up with a better way.

The biggest nuclear failing is probably in America just now because there are so many leaking intermediate storage sites. That was inevitable and it could have been prevented.

Anonymous said...

In Yucca mountain most is stored on open swimming pool sized cars.
It is still not a solution no matter how deep it is.
At best America would rank 3rd behind the two countries that had uncontained meltdowns

Peas InOurThyme said...

The lackadaisical approach to it in America resulted in the current mess and a better comparison would be France although I have no pile of information but they have never smoked one and it would be interesting to see where the waste goes. Japan is ludicrous since there is no stable repository.

Anonymous said...

They produce the highest percentage of total power from nuclear. They have from the beginning but they have have the largest incident rate. But each incident has been contained. The buildings are still useless but they did not ruin the surrounding land
I still don't understand why Russia gets a pass. Up until 20 years ago it dumped used reactors and waste in the ocean. Geenpeace fought this hard. It finally admitted this and gave true tally of what was dumped.
It has only recently opened waste facilities.
Japan suffers from having no sites the population will allow it to use for deep(500' or more) storage. I would not want it in by backyard. I am fighting the coal ash storage issues already.

Peas InOurThyme said...

There isn't a pass but there isn't lifetime condemnation either. They borked that one and made a prime time mess of it but that was a long time ago.

Japan looks mostly hopeless insofar as they use so much more power than they're capable of producing.

So Russia opens waste facilities and they're still bad. Unclear on the logic. America has another facility in Arizona (I believe) and that one was getting pushed although it doesn't appear much happened relative to existing sites. In general, America appears to be stalled on that while Russia makes some progress forward possibly.

It's not my purpose to sing anyone's praises but you said they appear to be making some positive moves so ok then. I really don't see America doing much but going around in circles even while considering installation of this new reactor. It seems they talk of connecting the dots all the time ... but then they don't connect them. Illogical

Anonymous said...

Sorry dumping reactor in the ocean is lifetime condemnation. There are multiple other countries that were doing it also.
Coal has the same problem. First it trashes the air and then where do you put the ash. I believe Duke Energy in South Carolina was the last company to trash the landscape when the water formed slurry that was sent everywhere

Peas InOurThyme said...

Lifetime condemnation ... hmmm ... maybe like whacking Jews for whacking Jesus? It seems it should wear off after a while even if for no other reason than no-one alive today could have had a part of that.

Rather than review things which suck, the Norwegians have a crafty way of combining wind turbines with hydrogen gas production for zero emissions energy and I haven't seen yet if you've read it.