Wednesday, June 28, 2017

#News on a Nailhead 6/29

Warren Buffett is the vanilla puddin' of rich white men.  We don't know what else happens when you're rich but you get all the puddin' you want ... and he's willing to share it.  (RT:  Warren Buffett wants more taxes on rich Americans, single-payer healthcare)

Note: adding white to the description is specifically because rich white men have furiously shitty reputations but Buffett, see, this guy is the puddin'.

The Pentagon hoots at the British military by saying it's too small even when they know Brits can't possibly afford to expand it.  Neener, neener.  (RT:   British Army ‘too small,’ warn US military experts)

Brits shouldn't worry too much since the big smokes in the Pentagon blow half a trillion a year and want more.  Keeping up with those Joneses only ends up in the Hulks on the Thames for inability to pay one's debts.  There is a bright side since if you survive the Hulks you may wind up in Australia.

Not surprisingly Moscow is pissed off at the American grandstanding in Syria since, like everyone else, they have seen this chemical weapons shadow play too many times already.  (RT:  Moscow warns Washington against ‘incendiary, provocative action’ in Syria)

When the banks chuck a conservative such as Theresa May into the briny, it's over.  (RT:  Theresa May will not last much longer as British PM, Citigroup warns clients)

John Travolta has got nothin' on this Frenchman.  (RT:  French Air Force chief in hot water over suspected use of attack jet for weekend trips)

Sooner or later CNN was going to get busted for all the tripe they have been passing off as fact.  (Observer:  Fake Stories About Russia Backfire Miserably on Democrats)

Note:  it did not backfire on Democrats since we were so disgusted by that farce of an election we did not vote.  Centrists are wearing their own hogwash from head to toe, however.

It's coming from all sides for CNN over the Russian hysteria they generated.  (RT:   ’Going for jugular’: Undercover filmmakers take aim at CNN)

We will have truth or we will have test patterns on the TV.  CNN still insists it's all true and maybe they also have some scintillating new information on Flight MH-17.

One for Social Media is Way Out of Hand Dept.  (RT:   Social media can be used to 'predict future' – study)

Social media isn't being used to predict the future but rather to force it as we've seen in Mark Zuckerberg's Victorian provincialism.

For the finest in Pentagon doublespeak, there's the Mad Dog.  (RT:   To avoid endless war in Syria, US deconflicts with Russia – Pentagon)

Please clarify, Mad Dog.  WTF are you saying?

Jeremy Corbyn gets kind of frisky when he is annoyed.  Now people are listening to him.  (RT:  Furious Corbyn blames ‘disastrous effect of austerity’ for fire safety failures (VIDEO))

Actually, Jer', I'm thinking shoddy, sub-standard building practices resulted in those fires but do have a ball since we don't like Theresa May either and, hey, that new aircraft carrier is a cracker, isn't it.

When Sarah Palin tangles with New York Times, we hope both of them lose.  (RT:   Palin sues NY Times for defamation after 'sickening' op-ed)

After eight years, Centrists seem to start realizing Obama was just jerking them around.  (Observer:  Still Smitten with Obama, Democrats Refuse to Enact a Better Health Care Plan)

The only one who is smitten by Obama ... is Obama.

Mike Huckabee said some guy broke all Ten Commandments at the same time.  As we see from the smashed tablet, yep, he sure did.   (CNN:  Arkansas' Ten Commandments monument destroyed live on Facebook)

Some years ago, the Supreme Court ruled putting religious monuments on state property is not a violation of the principle of the separation of state.  For Federal doublespeak, that one set a new standard.

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