Monday, June 26, 2017

#News on a Nailhead 6/26

Obama said he had been getting intelligence information at least six months ago regarding Russian interference in the election.  Even for Obama, this was such blowfart bullshit the story was pulled almost immediately.  This was about all that was left of it this evening.  (The Guardian:  Top Democrat Schiff criticizes Obama over reaction to Russian hacks)

There's only one tiny question about this so-called intel Obama was getting ... why the fuck didn't the CIA or the FBI know about it.

Some Presidents got better after their administrations (e.g. Jimmy Carter) but those since Bill Clinton only got worse.

Nikki Haley said she can't get any respect but that shouldn't be surprising when she may well be the worst of the poorly-qualified plods of patronage from Trump's inner circle.  (Fox:  Nikki Haley says she and son were booed at NY restaurant during gay pride parade)

It's kind of comical to see those self-entitled parasites discovering real people don't like them.

Chuck Schumer said the Democratic Party will resonate with the Middle Class.  You had plenty of time to resonate, bitch, but you voted to continue the bombing throughout.  Save us all some time and get out of Congress before you embarrass the party any further and do any further damage to its integrity.

Stephen Colbert may run for President in 2020 along with Mark Zuckerberg.  Right now they're just sorting who will be on top.  That either of those two comes anywhere near a Presidential election will only tell us Marvel Comics is running it.

Andrew Rawnsley said The Guardian:  That jeering sound you can hear is Europe laughing at Britain

Tell you what, Andy, that laughing started long before your McTroutyTrout, Theresa May, made her clumsy entrance onto the scene.  Electing a simpering fop like David Cameron wasn't such an exemplary plan either but have some fish & chips while you think about it.

Eat a peach, huh?

Martin Shkreli's lawyers will use the He Had Good Intentions with his Stealing Gambit (i.e. Robin Hood Defense) while Shkreli is extending it with the Arrogant Loudmouth Maneuver.  In other words, that boy should be wearing prison togs any day now.  (AP:  'Pharma Bro' defies advice to keep quiet before fraud trial)

The Mets are going nowhere and Tim Tebow is doing his mediocre best to ensure they stay that way.  (The Guardian:  Mets promote Tim Tebow to Advanced A due to 'chase rates and exit velocity')

Tebow's future is probably in macrame or Greatest Rock Hits of the 90s on cable TV.

Meanwhile, Trump just goes for fodder for comedians.  (The Guardian:  Trump wants 'heart' as Republicans seek to deliver Senate healthcare bill)

Well, we tell you what, Bowser, as maybe the best way to get some heart out of the bill was to put some into it in the first place.  Start over.

Those Who Would Be Democrats are trying to throw health care out ... again.  (Observer:  Murphy to Democrats: Leave Horizon Alone)

The conciliatory nature of the spineless pseudo-Democrats who make deals with Chris Christie deserves every bit of contempt leveled at it.

That's about it since there just ain't that much in the news.  Aren't you glad you didn't waste any more time than this on it.

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