Tuesday, June 27, 2017

#News on a Nailhead 6/27

Danica Patrick races in the Monster Energy NASCAR series as does her boyfriend, Ricky Stenhouse Jr, and this weekend she cracked up which took her boyfriend out with her.  The incident wasn't her fault since another driver hit Patrick causing her to spin.  The luck of the roulette wheel then sent her into her boyfriend.  (CNN Bleacher Report:  Danica Patrick Wrecks into Boyfriend Ricky Stenhouse Jr. During NASCAR at Sonoma)

Note:  the Rockhouse has nothing bad to say about Danica Patrick.  She's an attractive woman with a hot temper and she likes to drive faster than I ever had the balls to try so hat tip, lady.  She's also brought a whole lot of people to NASCAR even while many decided they have something else to do on Sundays.

Centrist Democrats (i.e. neoliberals) murdered one-payer medical in California.  Life would be one hell of a lot easier for everyone if they just admitted they're Republicans and they're as much on the take from Big Medical as the GOP.  (Observer:  Corporate Democrats Sabotage Single Payer Bill in California for Wealthy Donors)

Facebook will start its own TV channel and isn't that special from the medium with the lowest quality and editorial standards in the world.  Given Facebook's Victorian morality, maybe we can expect reruns of "Little House on the Prairie" interspersed with commercials to advise, "Mark Zuckerberg is not using this as a cheap gimmick to suck up for a gig as President."  (RT:  Facebook to start producing own original TV shows this summer to boost ad revenue)

For Donald Trump's Snowflakes on Parade, we need to go to North Carolina where one got emotionally upset when people laughed at her Trump shirt.  That lot is not too realistic since what other reaction should one expect.  All the other snowflakes turned up in her defense to give the proof of why people were laughing at the t-shirt in the first place.  They sure have some Nobel Prize winners in that cadre.  (Fox News:  Trump supporters hold sit-in at North Carolina Starbucks after woman mocked for shirt)

Trump holds the snowflakes but he doesn't hold the mayors of many cities in America, none of whom support his plans toward wrecking environmental protections.  (Phys.org:  US mayors back plan for cities to use only renewable energy)

Meanwhile, Paul Ryan couldn't have got a better reception to his health plan if he announced he will start burning witches which, in effect, he is.  CNN said it was such a shock to hear the CBO said twenty-three million will lose insurance and, with the attention span of that shabby little tabloid, that's not surprising but that's the same figure the CBO announced months ago.

One tiny factual note about solar for that shallow dolt in the White House is manufacture of solar energy devices in the United States far exceeds the number of can't die fast enough coal mining jobs by over three to one.  (The Solar Foundation:  National Solar Jobs Census)

Speaking of the other dolt in the White House, Obama's gambit of announcing there was Russian hacking and he knew about it over six months ago seems to have backfired and stories of Russian hacking have largely evaporated.  Centrist genius, at your service.

When SpaceX successfully launches two rockets from different sites in the same weekend, it's a safe bet they have arrived.  They were spectacular accomplishments and recovering the first stage booster rocket is becoming a standard for them.  (Observer:  SpaceX Completes Dramatic Dual Launches While Flying New Titanium Fins)

Anti-poaching drives are bringing back tigers from extinction ... and get this ... it's in Russia.  (The Guardian: Anti-poaching drive brings Siberia’s tigers back from brink)

When a nuke plant holds a bikini contest to decide which interns to hire, there may be a cards and letters.  (CNN:  Bikini hiring contest for nuclear plant interns gets toxic reaction)

For News of the Screamingly Obvious Variety, we have this gem.  (RT:   Study links high use of opioid painkillers to mental disorders)

Well, well, ain't that an eyeopener, huh.

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