Monday, June 19, 2017

Coal: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) plus the New River Gorge Bridge

Sure, this is your Basic Trumpa Dumpin' we all have grown to enjoy like an ingrown nail but coal is the topic of the moment and this doesn't go environmental on you; instead it brings the beastly things happening in the background.

There's going to be a lawsuit following this one but wait for the closing finale to settle things.  It's a giggle.

Some of you may remember that bridge over the New River Gorge in West Virginia which is prime in the heart of coal country.

The New River Gorge Bridge in Fayetteville, West Virginia, is the third-longest single span arch bridge in the world, and a popular tourist attraction in the southern part of the state.

I know Cadillac Man has seen it from around this perspective since that came with Class VI River Runners when we ran rafts down that way.  Maybe you wonder what's Class VI about it but that lighter water up ahead isn't glare from the Sun; those are rapids, darlin'.  There are big ones and little ones going down that river and the best runs are in the Spring when there's a release from the dam upriver from here.  Do expect a thrill ride.

Things have changed mightily in other ways in maybe forty years since doing this so any other commentary doesn't mean much ... but those rapids were a gas, weren't they.

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