Monday, June 19, 2017

No-one Likes a Penguin Who Doesn't Say, "Thank You"

My ol' Dad carried me around in some kind of papoose except it held me in the front.  I never thanked him for it and I didn't thank him for keeping the egg warm either.

Note:  that's true about the papoose and he seemed to dig doing it which goes some distance toward showing how strange life gets sometimes.  The papoose probably disappeared after the first year because Doc arrived at the start of the next one and a two-baby papoose has got to be more strange than anyone could ever handle.

Father's Day is kind of a smile for me since my ol' Dad already exited the planet and the memories are fond if somewhat crazed.  I'm thankful I have no kids of my own since there are so many neuroses from which to choose ...

The kid screwed up and it's my damn fault because I just didn't do whatever thing I should have done and I'm sure I could have found or manufactured something or many things I should have done.

I'm definitely not yer Dad material but I do thank him for keeping that egg warm.

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