Sunday, June 18, 2017

Bravissimo Megyn Kelly and NBC for Broadcasting Interview with Alex Jones

The Rockhouse has made no study of Alex Jones beyond his M.O. of using a foundation of facts to disguise some utter rubbish.  He has been generally dismissed here as a crank who profits mightily from the most base fakery of news but was not much significant beyond that.  Jones has been the Lord and Master of using real news in combination with fake news to make it all appear true and that technique spread widely to more substantive news channels.  In that regard, his destructiveness is clear to the Rockhouse.

The interview by Megyn Kelly with Alex Jones didn't just slag him but rather eviscerated him and without accusation of any kind beyond Jones' own words followed by please explain.  In response, he was arrogant, evasive, and word danced away from clear answers.  The impression he left with the Rockhouse is he's a mealy-mouthed wimp who would eat a rat in his show for a few more click charges on YouTube.

Kelly's interview was well-researched and, in effect, she went to surgery with a scalpel but Alex Jones only brought a baseball bat to respond.

However, the enlightenment from the interview was not that Alex Jones is useless baggage in a fool's parade but rather he's actively dangerous with an enormous and profitable following.  I have not been tracking Donald Trump's active endorsement of Alex Jones nor the way Trump has used InfoWars, Alex Jones' program, as a reference.

The assessment of Alex Jones by Megyn Kelly was much more in the way he assessed himself which revealed far more than any hysterical accusation might.  Kelly greatly personalized charges Jones had made by bringing one of the Sandy Hook parents to speak.  That didn't faze Jones but it made all the more complete the presentation insofar as she wasn't leaving out any sides including that of Jones.

The Rockhouse is as impressed with Megyn Kelly in this interview as with the last with Vladimir Putin.  She has shown the same professional restraint and dispassionate equanimity while asking important questions which hardly anyone else is willing to ask.

That we saw such outrage over the show this evening even before it had aired is extremely regrettable since censorship has never been the answer to anything and the Rockhouse fervently believes Megyn Kelly and NBC showed that tonight.

Bravissimo, bravissimo!


Here's a link to the full episode at NBC:  Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly

With some patronizing rubbish from Washington Post if you like:  Facing Alex Jones, NBC’s Megyn Kelly manages to avoid a worst-case outcome

There's one less reason to credit any credibility to the Washington Post.

Additional from CNN:  Megyn Kelly's Alex Jones interview got lots of attention, but not many viewers

"Bottom line on NBC's Alex Jones piece: Strong editing gave it an edge & made him look like a kook," tweeted Margaret Sullivan, a media columnist for the Washington Post. "Still a win for him; boosts his profile."

There's no way to win in that loaded game.  She marginalized the show but said it at least made him look like a kook and then turns immediately to say he won.  That one is playing with marked cards.

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