Saturday, June 24, 2017

The Plutocracy of the Giant Spiders on Mars by Jessica Valenti of The Guardian

The Rockhouse kind of digs Jessica Valenti because, of all the fatuous asses posing as journalists, she really takes the golden prize for ringing all five bells of Are You Fucking Serious?

Her latest complaint is the plutocracy on Mars and she might as well go with Ziggy Stardust since she's screwed in trying to use examples of the plutocracy / oligarchy in any military context after so vigorously supporting Clinton and bombing Libya, etc.  She's one seriously mixed-up femmebot but she can be funny to watch.

Therefore, get thee hence to Mars, young purple pencil pusher.

The problem is the immense waste of resources in going to Mars and surely those should be used on Earth to help Palestine ... whoops ... silly me ... I don't recall Valenti ever mentioning Palestine.

Regardless of Valenti's jaded priorities, there are many who think the resources required for colonizing Mars represent a simple and obvious waste.

Ed:  do I need a helmet before the full assault on the vastly greater monies spent by the Pentagon?

No need, my brother; you're already there.

Elon Musk's engagement with colonizing Mars may be interpreted in purple as an indulgence of the super rich.  It can also be interpreted as the only form of human expansion which goes beyond simple aggression and imperialism.  It's the finest example of what Man is capable of doing and which has been the hallmark of our species since we found ourselves on this Earth.

The super rich phenomenon has been with us intermittently for some centuries.  The exploratory Nature of Man has been going on for 300,000 years or more.

Note on age:  that's based on relatively recent research and Cadillac Man surprised me when he was already aware of it since that type of news usually doesn't travel well when there's such an immense volume of radio noise from overpaid pundits slinging sophistry like a surreal Sacrament.

Note on super rich:  it's arguable the super rich phenomenon goes back millennia in the context of Egyptian Pharaohs or Aztec royalty.

Ed:  you should join a fuckin' choir!

I already did.  Guess what ... you're in it.  Otherwise you probably would already have judged 'this guy is an asshole' and split.

Unknown whether I'm an asshole but I do believe in the potential of humans to do wonderful things so long as we can believe we can do them and right now people fuckin' don't.  You can see all these Sad Sack motherfuckers on Facebook going on and on about how we're fucked but there's zipparooni on what to do about except Call the Good Witch.  See above about Are You Fucking Serious?

Part of my current jam in specific compensation for the wobbly nature of musical jams is bringing this or that light to something Really Fucking Incredible people have done.  I know there are components who will not read it but they aren't the audience; it's not my purpose to convert anyone.  However, it is my purpose to encourage since I know there are smart li'l accordion players out there and sometimes they're thinking, man, I don't know if my accordion will really work with this band.

Hint:  it will if you want it badly enough.  Music takes a whole lot of determination and part of that is dropping your computer into the Potomac.  Instruments sales are badly down so how will you get the feel for an instrument on a synth if you have never played other instruments.  The play is radically different for a guitar relative to a piano so knowing how a guitar would be played in any given circumstance is most likely to come from someone who has worked the fretboard rather than just studied it.  It's not just the notes and you know that.

There's been one after the other of women doing radical things in science or this or that and many long before feminism even meant anything.  The Rockhouse is a much greater believer in determination than in any kind of label.

It's not so much my interest whether women do radical things but rather whether anyone does.  The Rockhouse turns them up as we find them but we know there are many more ... see above about radio noise.  It's difficult for excellence to get through that but the knowledge it tries can be sustaining and possibly encouraging to people to join that chorus rather than any silly ass choir in my own wretched domain.

Hint:  I sing like a duck with a bad case of unrequited love and you seriously know you don't need to hear that.

Ed:  but you sing anyway!

Balls I got; talent not so much.  There's no way you can find the talents you have if you don't push them to see what they can do.  What's the match to the feeling when you start thinking, you know, I think I could get good at this.  I know you know what I mean.

This turned into more of a performance from the choir than I anticipated but that's ok since this one goes deep.  The Rockhouse believes there are multiple forces suppressing / repressing people from striving to be their best especially if that differs from expectations of others but all of us know such forces exist and the celebration is in those who break through them.

In the shining world the Rockhouse sees, no-one will be held back for the simple reason we need every brainiac we can get and have done ever since we decided hanging about in the jungle eating bananas just wasn't good enough.  Right now many of them don't believe a whole lot of things are possible.  Here at the Rockhouse, it appears the task is to convince them, oh, yes, they are.

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